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School of Nursing and Midwifery

Position Name
Head of School (Nursing and Midwifery) Professor Christine Neville
Clinical Facilitator Mrs Julianne Armstrong
Senior Lecturer (Nursing) Dr Lisa Beccaria
Associate Professor (Nursing) Assoc Prof Odette Best
Lecturer (Nursing) Mrs Barbara Black
Lecturer (Nursing) Mrs Anne Brock
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Elaine Brown
Senior Lecturer (Nursing) Dr Melissa Carey
Adjunct Professor Professor Malcolm Casey
Honorary Senior Lecturer Mrs Marie Cleary
Lecturer (Nursing) Dr Andy Davies
Lecturer (Nursing) Ms Terri Davis
Clinical Associate Lecturer Ms Rhonda Dawson
Professor (Nursing) Professor Diane Duff
Clinical Facilitator Mr Lyle English
Lecturer (Nursing) Mrs Kelly Foster
Lecturer (Midwifery) Ms Danielle Gleeson
Lecturer (Nursing) Ms Anne-Marie Goes
Associate Professor (Nursing) Assoc Prof Coralie Graham
Lecturer (Nursing) Ms Sue Griffits
Lecturer (Indigenous Support) Mrs Vicki Horner
Lecturer (Clinical) Mrs Hancy Issac
Clinical Facilitator Mrs Thenuja Jayasinghe
Adjunct Professor Professor Lyn Karstadt
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Dr Jennifer Kelly
Adjunct Lecturer Mrs Joanna Krummenacher
Associate Professor (Nursing) Dr Jackie Lea
Honorary Associate Professor Assoc Prof Laurence Lepherd
Clinical Facilitator Mrs Trish Luyke
Lecturer (Nursing) Mrs Dianne Maher
Clinical Facilitator Mrs Annabel McKay
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Stephanie Millns-Sizer
Associate Professor (Nursing) Assoc Prof Clint Moloney
Adjunct Associate Professor Ms Andrea Nagle
Senior Lecturer (Nursing) Dr Linda Ng
Lecturer (Nursing) Mr Philip Norris
Senior Lecturer (Nursing) Ms Helen Nutter
Lecturer (Nursing) Ms Lee O'Malley
Associate Professor (Nursing) Dr Sonya Osborne
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Susanne Pearce
Associate Professor (Nursing) Assoc Prof Nicholas Ralph
Lecturer (Nursing) Ms Natasha Reedy
Senior Lecturer (Nursing) Dr Sharon Rees
Senior Lecturer (Midwifery) Mrs Elizabeth Rigg
Teaching LEV A Mrs Geraldine Roderick
Honorary Senior Lecturer Dr Cheryl Ross
Lecturer (Nursing) Dr Kamal Singh
Lecturer (Nursing) Ms Linda Stanbury
Senior Lecturer (Nursing) Dr Melissa Taylor
Associate Professor (Nursing) Assoc Prof Victoria Terry
Lecturer (Nursing) Ms Tracey Tulleners
Lecturer (Clinical) Mrs Emma Turner
Senior Lecturer (Nursing) Mrs Raelene Ward
Lecturer (Nursing) Mrs Melissa Watkins
Specified Term/Task Ms Debra Clay
Specified Term/Task Ms Cheryl-Anne Murphy
Specified Term/Task Ms Joanne Southern
Specified Term/Task Ms Yvette Story
Specified Term/Task Miss Bianca Viljoen
Specified Term/Task Mrs Janice Walker
Casual Employment Mrs Ann-Louise Adams
Casual Employment Ms Kristin Ariate
Casual Employment Ms Taigan Ashe
Casual Employment Mr Owen Bilsborough
Casual Employment Ms Deborah Bowden
Casual Employment Ms Joanne Buckley
Casual Employment Mrs Michelle Cameron
Casual Employment Mrs Jennifer Carter
Casual Employment Ms Anne Cole
Casual Employment Mr Vincent Conrick
Casual Employment Ms Carla Crethar
Casual Employment Mrs Alana Delaforce
Casual Employment Dr Elvianna Dorante-Day
Casual Employment Mr Joachim Ferrer
Casual Employment Mrs Roberta Fitzgerald
Casual Employment Ms Helen Funk
Casual Employment Mrs Crystal Henderson
Casual Employment Miss Kirsty Holding
Casual Employment Mrs Fiona Koch
Casual Employment Ms Kristen Lovric
Casual Employment Ms Laura Lynch
Casual Employment Miss Paige Micallef
Casual Employment Dr Karen New
Casual Employment Mr Emmanuel Ogwa
Casual Employment Miss Jen Palmer
Casual Employment Mr Ryan Pearl
Casual Employment Assoc Prof Cheryl Perrin
Casual Employment Mrs Sara Riggs
Casual Employment Ms Heidi Salmon
Casual Employment Ms Christina Seaton-Thomson
Casual Employment Dr Brian Sengstock
Casual Employment Mrs Joanne Timmings
Casual Employment Ms Aletha Ward
Casual Employment Ms Samantha Woodhouse