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School of Sciences

Position Name
Head of School (Sciences) Assoc Prof Linda Galligan
Associate Professor (Computing) Assoc Prof Ron Addie
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Abdullah Al Mamun
Lecturer (Statistics) Ms Taryn Axelsen
Adjunct Professor Dr Timothy Ball
Honorary Research Fellow Dr Michael Bromley
Lecturer (Physics) Dr Carolyn Brown
Senior Lecturer (Food Science) Dr Polly Burey
Biometrician Mr Daniel Burrell
Senior Lecturer (Mathematics and Computing) Dr Harry Butler
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Graziella Caprarelli
Professor (Physics) and Director (Centre for Astrophysics) Professor Brad Carter
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Jessie Christiansen
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Richard Clawson
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Daniel Cotton
Lecturer (Statistics) Dr Catriona Croton
Professor (Cellular and Molecular Biology) Professor Grant Daggard
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Michael de Raadt
Associate Professor (Cellular and Molecular Biology) Assoc Prof John Dearnaley
Associate Professor (Computing) Assoc Prof Stijn Dekeyser
Professor (Mathematics) Professor Ravinesh Deo
Lecturer (Mathematics and Statistics) Mr Benjamin Dexter
Senior Lecturer (Mathematics) Dr Nathan Downs
Lecturer (Computing) Dr Thao Duong
Adjunct Professor Dr Soman Elangovan
Adjunct Industry Fellow Mr Neal Finch
Lecturer (Environment and Sustainability) Dr Adam Frew
Honorary Research Fellow Dr Kevin Grazier
Adjunct Professor Dr Roger Grimshaw
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Joerg Henning
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Natalie Hinkel
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Damien Igoe
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Elizabeth Jensen
Adjunct Professor Professor Hugh Jones
Panel Member Professor Susan Jones
Senior Lecturer (Statistics) Dr Enamul Kabir
Lecturer (Wine Science) Ms Ursula Kennedy
Professor (Statistics) Professor Shahjahan Khan
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Asad Khan
Adjunct Professor Professor John Kielkopf
Associate Professor (Statistics) Assoc Prof Rachel King
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr John King
Senior Lecturer (Computing) Dr David Lai
Senior Lecturer (Mathematics) Dr Trevor Langlands
Associate Professor (Ecology and Sustainability) Assoc Prof Andy Le Brocque
Adjunct Professor Professor Charles Lemckert
Adjunct Research Fellow Mr Alejandro Levi
Lecturer (Computing) Dr Tianning Li
Professor (Computing) Professor Yan Li
Adjunct Professor Professor Nick Lomb
Senior Lecturer (Biochemistry/Chemistry) Dr Mark Lynch
Honorary Professor Professor Ravi Manchanda
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Franck Marchis
Associate Professor (Astronomy) Assoc Prof Stephen Marsden
Adjunct Research Fellow Mr Jonty Marshall
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Colleen Megowan-Romanowicz
Lecturer (Computing) Dr Matthew Mengel
Adjunct Professor Professor Jianchun Mi
Lecturer (Computing) Dr Davoud Mougouei
Associate Professor (Wildlife Management) Assoc Prof Peter Murray
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Belinda Nicholson
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Simon O'Toole
Honorary Professor Professor Alfio Parisi
Adjunct Professor Professor Efim Pelinovsky
Associate Professor (Plant Agricultural Science) Assoc Prof Keith Pembleton
Lecturer (Climate Science) Dr Christa Pudmenzky
Lecturer (Mathematics) Dr Nawin Raj
Associate Professor (Computer Science) Assoc Prof Rajib Rana
Honorary Professor Professor Joachim Ribbe
External Academic Promotion Panel Member Professor Susan Rowland
Adjunct Research Fellow Mr Jefferson Sauter
Adjunct Research Fellow Mr Peter Schouten
Adjunct Professor Dr Ismail Shakeel
Adjunct Professor Professor Anirudh Singh
Lecturer (Animal Science) Dr Jazmine Skinner
Professor (Mathematics) Professor Yury Stepanyants
Associate Professor (Mathematics) Assoc Prof Dmitry Strunin
Lecturer (Computing) Dr Zhaohui Tang
Associate Professor (Computing) Assoc Prof Xiaohui Tao
USQ Advisory Board of Sciences Mr Russell Tibballs
Senior Lecturer (Physics) Dr Joanna Turner
Adjunct Research Fellow Mr Christopher Tylor
Panel Member - Undergrad Sciences Review Professor Cristina Varsavsky
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Richard Watson
Honorary Senior Lecturer Dr Edwin Willey
Senior Lecturer (Astrophysics) Dr Duncan Wright
Associate Professor (Mathematics) Assoc Prof Oleksiy Yevdokimov
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Marusa Zerjal
Senior Lecturer (Computing) Dr Zhongwei Zhang
Professor (Computing) Professor Ji Zhang
Casual Employment Mr Tareq Al-Hidmi
Casual Employment Dr Meeras Salman Juwad Al-Shemarry
Casual Employment Dr Gregory Baxter
Casual Employment Dr Stephen Braithwaite
Casual Employment Mrs Emma Brown
Casual Employment Mr Geoffrey Cahill
Casual Employment Ms Zoe Carnahan
Casual Employment Dr Sharyn Carnahan
Casual Employment Dr Jennifer Carter
Casual Employment Dr Michael Cowley
Casual Employment Dr Patrick Delaney
Casual Employment Mr Stewart Eddie
Casual Employment Dr Meg Edwards
Casual Employment Professor Miroslav Filipovic
Casual Employment Dr Lana Harriott
Casual Employment Mr Wayne Heading
Casual Employment Dr Dulip Herath
Casual Employment Mr Timothy Holt
Casual Employment Ms Zanubia Hussain
Casual Employment Mr Xiaopeng Ji
Casual Employment Mr Adam Jolly
Casual Employment Mr Mahesh Kayastha
Casual Employment Dr Aqeel Sahi Khader
Casual Employment Dr Prasanna Kumarathilaka
Casual Employment Mr Siddique Latif
Casual Employment Dr Rachel Mapperson
Casual Employment Dr Christine McDonald
Casual Employment Mr James Northway
Casual Employment Ms Linda Octalina
Casual Employment Mrs Katherine Peake
Casual Employment Mr Wei Pei
Casual Employment Dr Thuan Pham
Casual Employment Mr Raj Pottipochala
Casual Employment Ms Jee Ra
Casual Employment Ms Mardi Reardon-Smith
Casual Employment Dr Lisa Seymour
Casual Employment Dr Ian Smith
Casual Employment Mr Jack Soutter
Casual Employment Mr Matthew Squires
Casual Employment Dr Andrew Tribe
Casual Employment Mrs Connie Venning
Casual Employment Dr Ian Waite
Casual Employment Mrs Lakshika Weerasundara
Casual Employment Mr Ignacio Zapata