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Professor Yury Stepanyants

Professor Yury Stepanyants
Name Yury Stepanyants
Position Professor (Mathematics)
Section School of Sciences
Office D220
Location Toowoomba Campus
Phone +61 7 4631 5548
Extension 5548
Qualifications PhD Marine Hydrophysical Institute

Research interests
- nonlinear dynamics and general theory of nonlinear oscillations and waves;
- theoretical and computational fluid mechanics;
- physical oceanography and geophysical fluid dynamics;
- dynamics of bubbles, drops and solid particles in viscous fluids;
- instability of shear flows;
- groundwater flow and percolation processes in porous media;
- nonlinear waves and vortices in fluids including plasma;
- nonlinear waves in electric transmission lines and fibre optics.

Professional memberships
Member of the American Mathematical Society;
Member of the Advisory Board of the journal "Chaos".

USQ Research affiliations

  • Computational Engineering and Science Research Centre (CESRC)

Currently teaching courses/programs
- ENM1600 Engineering Mathematics I;
- ENM2600 Engineering Mathematics II;
- MAT2100/2500 Calculus;
- MAT3103 Mathematical Modelling and Dynamical Systems.

Teaching experience(Tertiary)
45 Years

Research most recent
- Stepanyants Y.A., Yeoh G.H. Structure of stationary bathtub vortices in a viscous liquid and a critical regime of liquid discharge. J. Fluid Mech., 2008, v. 604, 77–98.
- Stepanyants Y.A., Yeoh G.H. Particle and bubble dynamics in a creeping flow. Eur. J. Mech. B/Fluids, 2009, v. 28, 619-629.
- Malomed B.A., Stepanyants Y.A. The inverse problem for the Gross-Pitaevskii equation. Chaos, 2010, v. 20, 013130, 14 p.

Research most notable
- Kalyagin V.A., Stepanyants Yu.A. Lyapunov–Arnold method in the nonlinear theory of hydrodynamic stability. Nizhny Novgorod, Inst. Appl. Phys., RAS, 1995, 66 p. (in Russian).
- Fabrikant A.L., Stepanyants Yu.A. Propagation of Waves in Shear Flows. World Scientific, Singapore, 1998, 287 p. (Russian version: Stepanyants Yu.A., Fabrikant A.L. Propagation of Waves in Shear Flows, Moscow, Nauka. Fizmatlit, 1996, 240 p.).

Publications in ePrints

Stepanyants, Yury (2019) Dynamics of internal envelope solitons in a rotating fluid of a variable depth. Fluids, 4 (1 (56)). pp. 1-12.

Ermakov, Andrei and Stepanyants, Yury (2019) Soliton interaction with external forcing within the Korteweg–de Vries equation. Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science , 29 (1 - Article 013117). ISSN 1054-1500

Stepanyants, Yury (2019) The effects of interplay between the rotation and shoaling for a solitary wave on variable topography. Studies in Applied Mathematics, 142 (4 (Special Issue)). pp. 465-486. ISSN 0022-2526

Obregon, Maria and Raj, Nawin and Stepanyants, Yury (2018) Adiabatic decay of internal solitons due to Earth’s rotation within the framework of the Gardner–Ostrovsky equation. Chaos: An interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science, 28 (3). pp. 1-11. ISSN 1054-1500

Grimshaw, Roger H. and Smyth, Noel F. and Stepanyants, Yury A. (2018) Decay of Benjamin–Ono solitons under the influence of dissipation. Wave Motion, 78. pp. 98-115. ISSN 0165-2125

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