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Assoc Prof Stephen Marsden

Name Stephen Marsden
Position Associate Professor (Astronomy)
Section School of Sciences
Office L307
Location Toowoomba Campus
Phone +61 7 4687 5841
Extension 5841
Qualifications BSc(Hons) Monash , MSc Monash , PhD USQ

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Astronomical and Space Sciences not elsewhere classified ( 020199 )
  • Physical Chemistry not elsewhere classified ( 030699 )
  • Astronomical Sciences not elsewhere classified ( 510199 )
  • Space Sciences not elsewhere classified ( 510999 )
  • Physical Chemistry not elsewhere classified ( 340699 )

Research interests
The Magnetic Activity of Stars

USQ Research affiliations

  • Computational Engineering and Science Research Centre (CESRC)

Research most recent
- Marsden S.C., Petit P., Jeffers S.V., Aurière M., Bouvier J., Carter B.D., Catala C., Dintrans B., do Nascimento Jr. J.-D., Donati J.-F., Fares R., Gastine T., Jardine M., Konstantinova-Antova R., Lanoux J., Lignières F., Morgenthaler A., Morin J., Ramìrez-Vèlez J.C., Thèado S., Van Grootel V. and the Bcool Collaboration, 2014 “A Bcool magnetic snapshot survey of solar-type stars”, MNRAS, 444, 3517.
- Järvinen S.P., Arlt R., Hackman T., Marsden S.C., Küker M., Ilyin I.V., Berdyugina S.V., Strassmeier K.G. Waite I.A., 2014, “Do the observations reveal the underlying dynamo? Case AF Lep”, A & A, accepted.
- Jeffers S.V., Petit P., Marsden S.C., Morin J., Donati J.-F., 2014, “e Eridani: an active K dwarf or a planet hosting star? I: The cyclic variability of its large-scale magnetic field topology” A & A, 569, A79.

Research most notable
- Vidotto A.A., Gregory S.G., Jardine M., Donati J.-F., Petit P., Morin J., Folsom C.P., Bouvier J., Cameron A.C., Hussain G., Marsden S., Waite I.A., Fares R., Jeffers S., do Nascimento J.D. Jr., 2014 “Stellar magnetism: empirical trends with age and rotation”, MNRAS, 441, 2361.
- Donati J.-F., Jardine M.M., Gregory S.G., Petit P., Paletou F., Bouvier J., Dougadous C., Ménard F., Cameron A.C., Harries T.J., Hussain G.A.J, Unruh Y., Morin J., Marsden S.C., Manset N., Aurière M., Catala C., Alecain E., 2008, “Magnetospheric accretion on the T Tauri star BP Tauri”, MNRAS, 386, 1234.
- Aurière M., Wade G.A., Silvester J., Lignières F., Bagnulo S., Bale K., Dintrans B., Donati J.-F., Folsom C.P., Gruberbauer M., Bon Hoa A. Hui, Jeffers S., Johnson N., Landstreet J.D., Lèbre A., Lueftinger T., Marsden S., Mouillet D., Naseri S., Paletou F., Petit P., Power J., Rincon F., Strasser S., Toqué N., 2007, “Weak magnetic fields in Ap/Bp stars. Evidence for a dipole field lower limit and a tentative interpretation of the magnetic dichotomy”, A & A, 475, 1053.
- Barnes J.R., Collier Cameron A., Donati J.-F., James D.J., Marsden S.C., Petit P., 2005, “The dependence of differential rotation on temperature and rotation”, MNRAS, 357, L1.

Publications in ePrints

Addison, Brett C. ORCID: and Wright, Duncan J. and Nicholson, Belinda A. and Cale, Bryson and Mocnik, Teo and Huber, Daniel and Plavchan, Peter and Wittenmyer, Robert A. and Vanderburg, Andrew and Chaplin, William J. and Chontos, Ashley and Clark, Jake T. and Eastman, Jason D. and Ziegler, Carl and Brahm, Rafael and Carter, Bradley D.ORCID: and Clerte, Mathieu and Espinoza, Nestor and Horner, Jonathan and Bentley, John and Jordan, Andres and Kane, Stephen R. and Kielkopf, John F. and Laychock, Emilie and Mengel, Matthew W. and Okumura, Jack and Stassun, Keivan G. and Bedding, Timothy R. and Bowler, Brendan P. and Burnelis, Andrius and Blanco-Cuaresma, Sergi and Collins, Michaela and Crossfield, Ian and Davis, Allen B. and Evensberget, Dag and Heitzmann, Alexis and Howell, Steve B. and Law, Nicholas and Mann, Andrew W. and Marsden, Stephen C. and Matson, Rachel A. and O'Connor, James and Shporer, Avi and Stevens, Catherine and Tinney, C. G. and Tylor, Christopher and Wang, Songhu and Zhang, Hui and Henning, Thomas and Kossakowski, Diana and Ricker, George and Sarkis, Paula and Schlecker, Martin and Torres, Pascal and Vanderspek, Roland and Latham, David W. and Seager, Sara and Winn, Joshua N. and Jenkins, Jon M. and Mireles, Ismael and Rowden, Pam and Pepper, Joshua and Daylan, Tansu and Schlieder, Joshua E. and Collins, Karen A. and Collins, Kevin I. and Tan, Thiam-Guan and Ball, Warrick H. and Basu, Sarbani and Buzasi, Derek L. and Campante, Tiago L. and Corsaro, Enrico and Gonzalez-Cuesta, Lucia and Davies, Guy R. and de Almeida, Leandro and do Nascimento, Jose-Dias, Jr. and Garcia, Rafael A. and Guo, Zhao and Handberg, Rasmus and Hekker, Saskia and Hey, Daniel R. and Kallinger, Thomas and Kawaler, Steven D. and Kayhan, Cenk and Kuszlewicz, James S. and Lund, Mikkel N. and Lyttle, Alexander and Mathur, Savita and Miglio, Andrea and Mosser, Benoit and Nielsen, Martin B. and Serenelli, Aldo M. and Aguirre, Victor Silva and Themeßl, Nathalie (2021) TOI-257b (HD 19916b): a warm sub-saturn orbiting an evolved F-type star. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 502 (3). pp. 3704-3722. ISSN 0035-8711

Seach, J. M. and Marsden, S. C. and Carter, B. D.ORCID: and Neiner, C. and Folsom, C. P. and Mengel, M. W. and Oksala, M. E. and Buysschaert, B. (2020) A magnetic snapshot survey of F-type stars. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 494 (4). pp. 5682-5703. ISSN 0035-8711

Zaleski, S. M. and Valio, A. and Carter, B. D.ORCID: and Marsden, S. C. (2020) Activity and differential rotation of the early M dwarf Kepler-45 from transit mapping. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 492. pp. 5141-5151. ISSN 0035-8711

Hengst, S. and Marshall, J. P. and Horner, J. and Marsden, S. C. (2020) Erratum: Multi-wavelength, spatially resolved modelling of HD 48682’s debris disc. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 499 (1). pp. 616-617. ISSN 0035-8711

Cang, T. -Q. and Petit, P. and Donati, J. -F. and Folsom, C. P. and Jardine, M. and D'Angelo, C. Villarreal and Vidotto, A. A. and Marsden, S. C. and Gallet, F. and Zaire, B. (2020) Magnetic field and prominences of the young, solar-like, ultra-rapid rotator V530 Persei. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 643:A39. pp. 1-16. ISSN 0004-6361

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Approved research supervisor in the area of:

  • Astronomical and Space Sciences not elsewhere classified ( 020199 )
  • Physical Chemistry not elsewhere classified ( 030699 )
  • Astronomical Sciences not elsewhere classified ( 510199 )
  • Space Sciences not elsewhere classified ( 510999 )
  • Physical Chemistry not elsewhere classified ( 340699 )