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School of Commerce

Position Name
Head of School (Commerce) Professor Roger Lawrey
Adjunct Research Fellow Mr G. M. Monirul Alam
Professor (Economics) Professor Khorshed Alam
Professor (Aviation and Logistics) Professor Paul Bates
Adjunct Professor Professor Graham Bowrey
Senior Lecturer (Accounting) Dr Lynette Daff
Lecturer (Finance) Dr Frank Elston
Honorary Professor Professor David Gadenne
Professor (Economics) Professor Jeffrey Gow
Lecturer (Political Economy) Dr Phil Griffiths
Lecturer (Accounting) Dr Bonnie Hampson
Lecturer (Accounting) Dr Christina James-Overheu
Lecturer (Accounting) Dr Gregory Jones
Professor (Accounting) Professor Marie Kavanagh
Associate Professor (Economics) Assoc Prof Rasheda Khanam
Senior Lecturer (Aviation and Logistics) Dr Tarryn Kille
Senior Lecturer (Aviation and Logistics) Mr Paul Lee
Lecturer (Accounting) Dr Raymond Leong
Associate Professor (Accounting) Assoc Prof Suzanne Maloney
Honorary Professor Professor Patrick Murray
Lecturer (Accounting) Dr Teruyo Omura
Lecturer (Finance) Mr Dom Pensiero
Associate Professor (Finance and Banking) Assoc Prof Peter Phillips
Senior Lecturer (Economics) Dr Mafiz Rahman
Senior Lecturer (Accounting) Dr Afzalur Rashid
Adjunct Research Fellow Mr Mohammad Salahuddin
Professor (Accounting) Professor John Sands
Lecturer (Finance) Dr Lujer Santacruz
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Ann Sardesai
Senior Lecturer (Accounting and Finance) Dr Syed Shams
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Kazi Sohag
Lecturer (Economics and Political Economy) Dr Brad Taylor
Lecturer (Finance and Banking) Mr David Troedson
Lecturer (Accounting) Mr Mark Vallely
Senior Lecturer (Finance and Banking) Dr Taiji Watanabe
Associate Professor (Economics) Assoc Prof Shane Zhang
Casual Employment Dr Adewuyi Ayodele Adeyinka
Casual Employment Mr Kabir Ahmad
Casual Employment Mr Peter Aston
Casual Employment Mrs Kylie Beavis
Casual Employment Mr Noel Brown
Casual Employment Mr Lewis Clayton
Casual Employment Mr Nipuna Edirisinghe
Casual Employment Mr Rubayyat Hashmi
Casual Employment Mr John Howie
Casual Employment Ms Wendy Huang
Casual Employment Mr Murray Kille
Casual Employment Mr David McBrien
Casual Employment Dr Kirsten Rae
Casual Employment Dr Peter Rampling
Casual Employment Ms Lucy Richardson
Casual Employment Ms Josaphine Seale
Casual Employment Mr Ram Sharma
Casual Employment Mr Mark Silvester
Casual Employment Mr Clive Stubbs
Casual Employment Ms Maneerat Tianchai
Casual Employment Dr Eswaran Velayutham
Casual Employment Dr Benjamin Vu