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Dr Benjamin Vu

Dr Benjamin Vu
Name Benjamin Vu
Pronoun He/Him/His
Position Casual Employment
Section School of Business
Location Toowoomba Campus
Qualifications PhD Griffith
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Dr Benjamin Vu is a lecturer in Economics at Griffith University and University of Southern Queensland. His research interests are Applied Economics, Energy Economics and Health Economics. He has published 17 journal articles in prestigious journals such as Renewable Energy, Applied Economics, Economic Analysis and Policy, and Public Health. As economic lead he has completed seven industry/government projects in Australia and overseas. His awarded scholarships, academic research and industry grants were over USD 280,000. Dr Vu was a full-time lecturer in Economics at Griffith Business School. He was also a full-time lecturer and senior lecturer at the National Academy of Politics and Public Administration of Vietnam. In addition, he was a senior consultant for OCD Management Consulting and Mekong Economics in Hanoi. He served as a Review Editor on the Editorial Board of Health Economics (specialty section of Frontiers in Public Health - Q2 ranked journal). Dr Vu is a member of the Queensland Economic Society of Australia. He has a family with his wife, two sons and one daughter.

Applied Economics
Health Economics
Energy Economics

1. Review Editor on the Editorial Board of Health Economics (specialty section of Frontiers in Public Health - Q2 ranked journal)
2. Professional member of the Economic Society of Australia

  • Centre for Health, Informatics and Economic Research (CHIER)

1. Teaching at USQ:

ECO1000 Economics;
ECO2000 The Macro-economy and Business;
ECO2100 Aviation Economics
ECO3010 International Economics and Trade;
ECO2001 Business Economics;
ECO5000 Economics for Managers (MBA course);
ECO8060 The Business in the International Economy (Postgraduate course)
ECO8012 Methods for Sustainable Development (Postgraduate course)

2. Teaching at Griffith University:
1006GBS Why Money Matters
1008GBS Business Decision Making
1303AFE Economics for Decision Making
1305AFE Business Data Analysis
2313AFE Environmental and Energy Economics
3302AFE Interest Rates, Money and Central Banking
2306AFE Quantitative Methods for Business, Finance and Economics.
7011GBS Quantitative Methods (Postgraduate and Honours program)
7033MKT Evaluating Marketing Performance (Postgraduate course)
7326AFE Government Budgeting and Fiscal Policy (Postgraduate course)
7008IBA Global Business Strategy (MBA course)

12 Years