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Assoc Prof Khorshed Alam

Assoc Prof Khorshed Alam
Name Khorshed Alam
Position Associate Professor (Economics)
Section School of Commerce
Office T322
Location Toowoomba Campus
Phone +61 7 4631 1291
Extension 1291
Qualifications BSc(Hons) Jahangirnagar , MSc Jahangirnagar , MA ISS , PhD Murdoch

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Broadband and Modem Technology ( 100502 )
  • Economics ( 140000 )
  • Economic Theory ( 140100 )
  • Applied Economics ( 140200 )
  • Agricultural Economics ( 140201 )
  • Economic Development and Growth ( 140202 )
  • Environment and Resource Economics ( 140205 )
  • Health Economics ( 140208 )
  • Ecological Economics ( 149902 )

Research interests
Agriculture, environmental and resource economics
Applied economic issues
Technology adoption, digital economy and productivity
Energy economics
Economics of water, health and climate change
Regional economic development

Professional memberships
Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society
Economic Society of Australia

USQ Research affiliations

  • Institute for Resilient Regions (IRR)
  • Australian Centre for Sustainable Business and Development (ACSBD)

Currently teaching courses/programs
Courses Currently Teaching:
ECO3002 Economic Policy Analysis
ECO3030 Sustainable Economies

Courses previously taught:
ECO1000 Economics
ECO3001 Applied Econometrics
ECO8002 Environmental Economics for Sustainable Growth
ECO8060 Business in the International Economy
MGT8402 Research Methodology 2 (Advanced Regression Analysis)

Current funded projects:
2017-2018: 'Advancing women in rural enterprises (WiRE) through entrepreneurship', Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Australian Government.
2016-17: ‘Empowering women through entrepreneurship and business innovation in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri-Lanka’, Australia Awards Fellowships Grant, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
2014-16: ‘Accelerating Regional Business’, USQ Strategic Research Fund.
2016-2018: 'Digital connectivity in Central Western Queensland region'.

Recently completed funded projects:
'Determining the social and policy challenges of a digital future: A cross-sectional analysis of rural and regional Australia' Commonwealth Government's Collaborative Research Network.
'Assessing digital divide and its determinants: The case of Western Downs region’, Western Downs Regional Council.
'An audit and gap analysis of digital infrastructure and digital services: A case study of Western Downs Region', Western Downs Regional Council.
'Information and communications technology and Australia’s regional economic competitiveness’, Western Downs Regional Council.
'Assessing community preferences for digital future’, Southern Downs Regional Council.

Recently completed PhD research projects:
2016 - Principal supervisor: Salient transition effects on partnership performance, stakeholder orientation strategies and CSR practices: Conceptual and empirical analyses (Michael Erdiaw-Kwasie).
2016 - Principal supervisor: Assessing stakeholders’ perspectives regarding water policy implementation in Brazil (Marina Costa Barbosa).
2016 - Principal Supervisor: Population changes and implications for economic growth and the environment in Australia (Gazi A. Uddin).
2016 - Principal Supervisor: An assessment of the livelihood vulnerability of the riverbank erosion hazard and its impact on food security for rural households in Bangladesh (Monirul Alam).
2016 - Principal Supervisor: Economic growth, social capital and energy effects of the Internet: Empirical analysis (Mohammad Salahuddin).
2013 - Principal Supervisor: Towards an Integrated Systems Approach to Sustainable Tourism Management in Protected Areas (Sophia Imran).
2012 - Principal Supervisor: Energy Consumption, Economic Growth and CO2 Emissions in Australia: The Potential for Energy Conservation (Md Shahiduzzaman).
2012 - Principal Supervisor: Impacts of Climate Change on Rice Production and Farmers’ Adaptation in Bangladesh (Md Abdur Rashid Sarker)
2012 - Principal Supervisor: Co-management and Forest Sustainability: An Investigation into the Adequacy of Property Rights to Achieve Sustainability in the Management of the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest in Bangladesh (Anjan Dev Roy)

Current PhD Research Projects:
Sanjib Tiwari: Key factors determining adoption of high-speed broadband services by households in rural and regional Australia (Associate supervisor)
Belas A Khan: Development of antibacterial hemp hurd/poly (lactic acid) biocomposite for food packaging (Associate Supervisor).
Al-Msiedeen Jabreel: Institutional governance and its effect on the financial performance: An empirical study of the public industrial shareholding companies in Jordan (Associate supervisor).
Gabriela Ferrari: Human capital as investment decision criterion: An empirical study from institutional investor perspective (Associate supervisor).

Administrative responsibilities
Coordinator (Research & Research Training)

Research most recent
My publications are available in USQ's e-prints repository:

Alam, GMM, Alam, K. Mushtaq, S. & Clarke, ML. (2017), Vulnerability to climatic change in riparian char and river-bank households in Bangladesh: Implication for policy, livelihoods and social development, Ecological Indicators, 72, 23– 32.

Salahuddin, M., Tisdell, C., Burton, L. & Alam, K. (2016), Does internet stimulate the accumulation of social capital? A macro-perspective from Australia, Economic Analysis and Policy, 49, 43–55.

Salahuddin, M. & Alam, K. (2016), Information and communication technology, electricity consumption and economic growth in OECD countries: A panel data analysis, International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems, 76, 185–193.

Erdiaw-Kwasie, M. & Alam, K. (2016), Towards understanding the digital divide in rural partnerships and development: A framework and evidence from rural Australia, Journal of Rural Studies, 43, 214–224.

Barbosa, M.C., Alam, K. & Mushtaq, S. (2016), Water policy implementation in the state of São Paulo, Brazil: Key challenges and opportunities, Environmental Science & Policy, 60, 11–18.

Barbosa, M.C., Mushtaq, S. & Alam, K. (2016), Rationalising water policy and the institutional and water governance arrangements in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Water Policy, DOI: 10.2166/wp.2016.233.

Salahuddin, M., Alam, K. & Ozturk, I., (2016), The effects of Internet usage and economic growth on CO2 emissions in OECD countries: A panel investigation, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 62, 1226–1235.

Uddin, G.A., Alam, K. & Gow, J. (2016), Does ecological footprint impede economic growth? An empirical analysis based on the Environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis, Australian Economic Papers, 55(3), 301-316.

Alam, GMM, Alam, K. & Mushtaq, S. (2016), Influence of institutional access and social capital on adaptation decision: Empirical evidence from hazard-prone rural households in Bangladesh, Ecological Economics, 130, 243–251.

Erdiaw-Kwasie, M., Alam, K. & Kabir, E. (2016), Modelling corporate stakeholder orientation: Does the relationship between stakeholder background characteristics and corporate social performance matter? Business Strategy and the Environment, DOI: 10.1002/bse.1930.

Uddin, G.A., Alam, K. & Gow, J. (2016), Population age structure and savings rate impacts on economic growth: Evidence from Australia, Economic Analysis and Policy, 52, 23–33.

Alam, K. & Mamun, SAK. (2016), The relationship between labour force status and educational attainment: Evidence from a system of simultaneous equations model, Economic Analysis and Policy, 52, 55–65.

Research most notable
Alam, K., (2015), ‘Farmers’ adaptation to water scarcity in drought-prone environments: A case study of Rajshahi District, Bangladesh’, Agricultural Water Management, 148: 196-206.

Alam, K. and Imran, S. (2015), ‘The digital divide and social inclusion among refugee migrants: A case in regional Australia, Information Technology & People, 28(2): 344-365.

Salahuddin, M. and Alam, K. (2015), 'Internet usage, electricity consumption and economic growth in Australia: A time series evidence', Telematics and Informatics, 32(4): 862–878.

Erdiaw-Kwasie, M., Alam, K. and Shahiduzzaman, M., (2015), ‘Towards understanding stakeholder salience transition and relational approach to 'better' corporate social responsibility: A case for a proposed model in practice’, Journal of Business Ethics, DOI 10.1007/s10551-015-2805-z.

Shahiduzzaman, M. and Alam, K. (2014), Interfuel substitution in Australia: a way forward to achieve environmental sustainability. Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 58 (1): 22–42.

Imran, S., Alam, K. and Beaumont, N. (2014), Reinterpreting the definition of sustainable development for a more ecocentric reorientation. Sustainable Development, 22(2): 134–144.

Shahiduzzaman, M. and Alam, K. (2014), Information technology and its changing roles to economic growth and productivity in Australia. Telecommunications Policy, 38(2): 125–135.

Shahiduzzaman, M. and Alam, K. (2014), The long-run impact of information and communication technology on economic output: the case of Australia. Telecommunications Policy, 38(7): 623–633.

Shahiduzzaman, M. and Alam, K. (2014), A reassessment of energy and GDP relationship: the case of Australia. Environment, Development and Sustainability, 16(2): 323–344.

Imran, S., Alam, K. and Beaumont, N. (2014), Environmental orientations and environmental behaviour: perceptions of protected area tourism stakeholders. Tourism Management, 40: 290–299.

Sarker, M.A.R., Alam, K. and Gow, J. (2013), Assessing the determinants of rice farmers' adaptation strategies to climate change in Bangladesh. International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, 5(4): 382–403.

Shahiduzzaman, M. and Alam, K. (2013), Changes in energy efficiency in Australia: a decomposition of aggregate energy intensity using logarithmic mean Divisia approach. Energy Policy, 56: 341–351.

Roy, A.K.D., Alam, K. and Gow, J. (2013), Community perceptions of state forest ownership and management: a case study of the Sundarbans mangrove forest in Bangladesh. Journal of Environmental Management, 117: 141–149.

Sarker, M.A.R., Alam, K. and Gow, J. (2013), How does the variability in Aus rice yield respond to climate variables in Bangladesh? Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, 199(3): 189–194.

Roy, A.K.D., Alam, K. and Gow, J. (2013), Sustainability through an alternative property-rights regime for Bangladesh's mangrove forest. Geographical Review, 103(3): 372–389.

Sarker, M.A.R. and Alam, K. (2013), Willingness to pay for improved water services in Rajshahi City, Bangladesh. Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution, 10(2): 41–49.

Publications in ePrints

Alam, Khorshed and Mamun, Shamsul Arifeen Khan (2017) Access to broadband internet and labour force outcomes: a case study of the Western Downs Region, Queensland. Telematics and Informatics, 34 (4). pp. 73-84.

Uddin, Gazi Ashir and Salahuddin, Mohammad and Alam, Khorshed and Gow, Jeff (2017) Ecological footprint and real income: panel data evidence from the 27 highest emitting countries. Ecological Indicators, 77. pp. 166-175. ISSN 1470-160X

Alam, G.M. Monirul and Alam, Khorshed and Mushtaq, Shahbaz and Clarke, Michele L. (2017) Vulnerability to climatic change in riparian char and river-bank households in Bangladesh: implication for policy, livelihoods and social development. Ecological Indicators, 72. pp. 23-32. ISSN 1470-160X

Uddin, Gazi and Alam, Khorshed and Gow, Jeff (2016) Does ecological footprint impede economic growth? An empirical analysis based on the environmental Kuznets curve hypothesis. Australian Economic Papers, 55 (3). pp. 301-316. ISSN 0004-900X

Salahuddin, Mohammad and Tisdell, Clem and Burton, Lorelle and Alam, Khorshed (2016) Does internet stimulate the accumulation of social capital? A macro-perspective from Australia. Economic Analysis and Policy, 49. pp. 43-55. ISSN 0313-5926

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