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School of Agriculture and Environmental Science

Position Name
Head of School (Agriculture and Environmental Science) Professor Craig Baillie
Professor (Cellular and Molecular Biology) Professor Grant Daggard
Professor (High Performance Polymers) Professor Pingan Song
Associate Professor (Food Science) Assoc Prof Polly Burey
Associate Professor (Agricultural Engineering) Assoc Prof Guangnan Chen
Associate Professor (Cellular and Molecular Biology) Assoc Prof John Dearnaley
Associate Professor (Ecology and Sustainability) Assoc Prof Andy Le Brocque
Associate Professor (Wildlife Management) Assoc Prof Peter Murray
Associate Professor (Plant Agricultural Science) Assoc Prof Keith Pembleton
Senior Lecturer (Biochemistry/Chemistry) Dr Mark Lynch
Senior Lecturer (Water and Environmental Engineering) Dr Antoine Trzcinski
Lecturer (Water and Environmental Engineering) Mrs Justine Baillie
Lecturer (Agricultural, Civil and Environmental Engineering) Dr Ian Craig
ARC DECRA Fellow Dr Adam Frew
Lecturer (Wine Science) Ms Ursula Kennedy
Lecturer (Water Engineering) Dr Kamrun Nahar
Lecturer (Climate Science) Dr Christa Pudmenzky
Lecturer (Climate Science) Dr Lila Singh-Peterson
Lecturer (Animal Science) Dr Jazmine Skinner
Specified Term/Task Dr Meg Edwards