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Dr Alla Marchuk

Dr Alla Marchuk
Name Alla Marchuk
Position Research Fellow (Soils/Environmental Chemistry)
Section Institute for Life Sciences and the Environment (Operations)
Office P13-102
Location Toowoomba Campus
Phone +61 7 4687 5612
Extension 5612
Qualifications PhD Adelaide

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Environmental Sciences ( 050000 )
  • Agricultural Land Management ( 070101 )

Publications in ePrints

Bennett, J. McL. and Marchuk, A. and Marchuk, S. and Raine, S. R. (2019) Towards predicting the soil-specific threshold electrolyte concentration of soil as a reduction in saturated hydraulic conductivity: the role of clay net negative charge. Geoderma, 337. pp. 122-131. ISSN 0016-7061

Marchuk, Serhiy and Marchuk, Alla (2018) Effect of applied potassium concentration on clay dispersion, hydraulic conductivity, pore structure and mineralogy of two contrasting Australian soils. Soil and Tillage Research, 182. pp. 35-44. ISSN 0167-1987

Dang, A. and Bennett, J. and Marchuk, A. and Biggs, A. and Raine, S. (2018) Evaluating dispersive potential to identify the threshold electrolyte concentration in non-dispersive soils. Soil Research, 56 (6). pp. 549-559. ISSN 1838-675X

Ali, Aram and Bennett, John mcLean and Marchuk, Alla and Watson, Caitlin (2018) Laboratory evaluation of soil amendments to limit structural degradation under a sequential irrigation with coal seam gas and rain water. Soil Science Society of America Journal , 82 (1). pp. 214-222. ISSN 0361-5995

Dang, A. and Bennett, J. McL. and Marchuk, Alla and Biggs, Andrew and Raine, Steven (2018) Quantifying the aggregation-dispersion boundary condition in terms of saturated hydraulic conductivity reduction and the threshold electrolyte concentration. Agricultural water management, 203. pp. 172-178. ISSN 0378-3774

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Approved research supervisor in the area of:

  • Agricultural Land Management ( 070101 )