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School of Health and Wellbeing

Position Name
Professor (Microbiology) Professor Mike Kotiw
Head of School (Health and Wellbeing) Professor Chris McLellan
Lecturer (Paramedicine) Mr Andy Bell
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr David Briskey
Professor (Biomedical Sciences) Professor Lindsay Brown
Associate Professor (Exercise Physiology) Assoc Prof Lainie Cameron
Associate Professor (Human Services) Assoc Prof Christina Campbell
Lecturer (Laboratory Medicine) Mrs Leanne Dooley
Lecturer (Anatomy and Physiology) Dr Stuart Ellem
Lecturer (Biomechanics) Dr Ben Hoffman
Senior Lecturer (Sport and Exercise) Dr Tracy Kolbe-Alexander
Lecturer (Paramedicine) Mr John Latham
Sport and Exercise Science Clinician Ms Merendi Leverett
Honorary Senior Lecturer Dr Guang Bin Liu
Lecturer (Human Services) Dr Aastha Malhotra
Associate Lecturer (Paramedic Science) Mrs Lee Masher-Kolbee
Senior Lecturer (Exercise Physiology) Dr Dean Mills
Lecturer (Biomedical Science) Dr Sarah Myer
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Josephine Seguna
Lecturer (Sport and Exercise) Ms Lisa Seiler
Lecturer (Paramedic Science) Ms Renee Sharples
Senior Lecturer (Human Services) Dr Emily Steel
Lecturer (Human Services) Mr David Steggall
Adjunct Lecturer Ms Francis Vicary
Lecturer (Paramedic Science) Mr Dennis Walker
Senior Lecturer (Human Physiology) Dr Jianxiong Wang
Lecturer (Paramedic Science) Ms Anita Westwood
Senior Lecturer (Biomedical Science) Dr Eliza Whiteside
Casual Employment Mr Edward Bliss
Casual Employment Ms Jodie Brown
Casual Employment Dr Sharyn Carnahan
Casual Employment Mrs Andrea Fuller
Casual Employment Dr Matthew Gildersleeve
Casual Employment Mrs Anne Hartshorn-Smith
Casual Employment Mr Xing Lee
Casual Employment Mrs Wendy Merrin
Casual Employment Mr Matthew O'Rourke
Casual Employment Ms Jessica Pahl
Casual Employment Mr John Shepherd
Casual Employment Miss Jeanna Shepherd
Casual Employment Mrs Naomi White
Casual Employment Dr Louisa Windus