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School of Health and Medical Sciences

Position Name
Head of School (Health and Medical Sciences) Professor Chris McLellan
Professor (Microbiology) Professor Mike Kotiw
Associate Professor (Sport and Exercise Science) Assoc Prof Stephen Bird
Associate Professor (Exercise Physiology) Assoc Prof Lainie Cameron
Associate Professor (Biomedical Science) Assoc Prof Kate Kauter
Associate Professor (Sport and Exercise) Assoc Prof Tracy Kolbe-Alexander
Associate Professor (Biomedical Science) Assoc Prof Eliza Whiteside
Senior Lecturer (Anatomy and Physiology) Dr Stuart Ellem
Senior Lecturer (Public Health) Dr Paul Gardiner
Senior Lecturer (Paramedic Science) Dr David Long
Senior Lecturer (Exercise Physiology) Dr Dean Mills
Senior Lecturer (Human Physiology) Dr Jianxiong Wang
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Dr Genevieve Baratiny
Lecturer (Paramedicine) Mr Andy Bell
Lecturer (Medical Laboratory Science) Mr Edward Bliss
Adjunct Associate Professor Professor Martin Byrne
Lecturer (Clinical Exercise Physiology/Sport and Exercise Science) Dr Josh Denham
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Devang Desai
Lecturer (Medical Laboratory Science) Mrs Leanne Dooley
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Tom Dover
Lecturer (Medical Laboratory Science) Dr Prajwal Gyawali
Lecturer (Paramedic Science) Ms Lisa Hobbs
Lecturer (Biomechanics) Dr Ben Hoffman
Lecturer (Sport and Exercise Science) Dr Brianna Larsen
Lecturer (Paramedicine) Mr John Latham
Lecturer (Biomedical Science) Dr Sarah Myer
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Dr Manisha Pandey
Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Anoop Sinha
Lecturer (Paramedic Science) Mr Dennis Walker
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Aaron Wellman
Lecturer (Paramedic Science) Ms Anita Westwood
Lecturer (Biomedical Science) Dr Louisa Windus
Manager (Sport and Exercise Clinic) Mrs Emily Hume
Associate Lecturer (Paramedic Science) Mrs Lee Masher-Kolbee
Manager (Sport and Exercise Clinic) Ms Sally Smart
Casual Employment Dr Anna Chruscik
Casual Employment Dr Matthew Gildersleeve
Casual Employment Ms Alexandra Knight
Casual Employment Mrs Wendy Merrin
Casual Employment Mr Callum Namour
Casual Employment Ms Kylie Pettit
Casual Employment Ms Melinda Priddin
Casual Employment Mr Tony Santin
Casual Employment Mr Ashwini Sharma
Casual Employment Miss Caitlin Smith
Casual Employment Ms Meegan Symonds
Casual Employment Mrs Dannielle Visser
Casual Employment Miss Kirrily Werth
Casual Employment Mr Mark Whitby