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Assoc Prof Stephen Bird

Name Stephen Bird
Position Associate Professor (Sport and Exercise Science)
Section School of Health and Wellbeing
Office B231
Location Ipswich Campus
Phone +61 7 3812 6340
Extension 6340
Qualifications BHumMov(ExSc) Charles Sturt , BHumMov(Hons) Charles Sturt , PhD Charles Sturt

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Exercise Physiology ( 110602 )
  • Clinical and Sports Nutrition ( 111101 )
  • Human Movement and Sports Science ( 110600 )
  • Exercise Physiology ( 420702 )
  • Clinical Nutrition ( 321001 )
  • Sports Science And Exercise ( 420700 )
  • Sport And Exercise Nutrition ( 321006 )
  • Nutrition And Dietetics ( 321000 )

Research interests
Assoc Prof Bird’s current research examines the many disciplines of "performance science" related to the application of strength and conditioning methods, nutritional supplementation and sports science technology on health and athletic performance.

Current projects:

1) An evidence-base for novel post-exercise recovery strategies in professional basketball: Pupillometry
2) Assessment of player workload with surface electromyography-based compression garment in elite basketball.
3) Sleep in the NBA: Current issues and possible solutions
4) Physical preparation strategies in the NBA: Underpinning factors

Potential graduate students interested in any of the following projects should email or phone.

1) Passive heat maintenance and on-court performance in professional male basketball players
2) Post-activation potentiation on power profiles in professional women basketball players
3) Vitamin D status of Women’s National Basketball League players from tropical and non-tropical environment
4) Nutritional supplementation for performance: nutrient timing, multi-nutrient supplementation, immune function

Professional memberships
Nutrition Society of Australia
Exercise and Sports Science Australia
National Strength and Conditioning Association
Australian Strength & Conditioning Association

Industry affiliations
International Journal of Strength & Conditioning, Editor-in-Chief
Australian Strength & Conditioning Association Advisory Panel - Academic Member 2007 -
Applied Sports Science Research Grants Review Board Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) 2011 - 2013
National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Project Grant Peer Review External Assessor 2010 - 2012
Expert Panel, Curriculum Renewal in Exercise and Sports Science Project Funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) and the Australian Association for Exercise and Sports Science (AAESS) 2009 - 2010
South African Medical Research Council Grants Review Board External Assessor 2007 - 2009

USQ Research affiliations

  • Institute for Resilient Regions (IRR)

Currently teaching courses/programs
SES3206 Strength Training and Conditioning
SES3102 Principles of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Teaching experience(Tertiary)
15 Years

Research most recent
Singh, M., Bird, S.P., Charest, J., Huyghe, T., & Calleja-Gonzalez, J. (2021). Urgent wake up call for the National Basketball Association. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, 17(2), 243-248.
Bird, S. P., Singh, M., Charest, J., Huyghe, T., & Calleja-Gonzalez, J. (2021, Jun 16). Sleep inside the NBA bubble: The impact of COVID on sleep and mental health. British Journal of Sports Medicine (Blog).
Bird, S.P., Osborne, H., King, L., Belles, L., Nolan, E., & McLellan, C. (2020). Basketball New Zealand Guidelines: Safe return to training for players in preparation for a condensed National Basketball League season following COVID-19 restrictions. New Zealand Journal of Sports Medicine, 47(1), 49-53.
Bird, S.P., & Rushton, B. D. (2020). Nutritional knowledge of youth academy athletes. BMC Nutrition, 6(1), 35.
Book - Beveridge, R., & Bird, S.P. (2020). When Winning Matters: Lessons learned from sport's elite. Ultimate World Publishing. Vic. Australia

Research most notable
Nutritional regulation of protein breakdown:
• Characterised independent and combined effects of CHO/EAA ingestion following acute and chronic resistance training.
• Nutritional modulation of acute hormonal response and muscular adaptations following resistance training.
• Identified major biochemical mechanisms that are manipulated via nutritive interventions,
• Termed the ‘anti-catabolic effect’, which may better favour the conservation of myofibrillar protein.

Practical application of athlete recovery strategies:
• Developed the 100 point weekly recovery checklist following research for the Indonesian Olympic Committee.
• Recovery checklist provides a numerical recovery goal per week to motivate athletes to engage in self-initiated recovery.
• Sleep hygiene recommendations.
• Practical issues associated with recovery in pre-elite youth athletes.

Application of integrative training and strength competencies in youth:
• Major contributor to the first Australian position stand on Resistance training for children and youth.
• Outlines a 16-year long-term athlete development plan for children and youth athletes.
• Progression models adapted for the Western Region Academy of Sport

Publications in ePrints

Rogers, Elaine S. and Sasidharan, Rita and Sequeira, Graeme M. and Wood, Matthew R. and Bird, Stephen P.ORCID: and Keogh, Justin W. L. and Arroll, Bruce and Stewart, Joanna and MacLeod, Roderick D. (2021) Acceptability, compliance, and safety of non-small cell lung cancer cachectic participants continuing compassionate access in the ACCeRT clinical study. Journal of Health Science and Medical Research. ISSN 2586-9981

Bird, Stephen P. ORCID: (2021) Are you game ready? Toowoomba Grammar School Rugby Newsletter, 17 July 2021 (1). pp. 3-4.

Larsen, Brianna and Bird, Stephen P.ORCID: (2021) Basketball New Zealand infographic: female athlete health - Part 2: hormonal contraceptives: what are the options? Documentation. Basketball New Zealand , Wellington, New Zealand. [Report]

Bird, Stephen P. ORCID: (2021) Basketball New Zealand infographic: how performance science technology can impact the coaching process. Documentation. Basketball New Zealand , Wellington, New Zealand. [Report]

Huyghe, Thomas and Goriss, Brent and DeLosAngeles, Ernest and Bird, Stephen P.ORCID: (2021) Exploring the power clean. International Journal of Strength and Conditioning, 1. pp. 1-10.

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Approved research supervisor in the area of:

  • Exercise Physiology ( 110602 )
  • Clinical and Sports Nutrition ( 111101 )
  • Exercise Physiology ( 420702 )
  • Clinical Nutrition ( 321001 )
  • Sports Science And Exercise ( 420700 )
  • Sport And Exercise Nutrition ( 321006 )
  • Nutrition And Dietetics ( 321000 )