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Support for Learning

Position Name
Associate Director (Wellbeing) Ms Tessa McCredie
Manager (Student Communication and Events) Ms Erin Byles
Safer Communities Coordinator Mrs Erin Field
Manager (Career Education) Mrs Sarah Mitchell
Manager (Accessibility and Disability Services) Mr John Napier
Manager (Wellbeing) Mrs Kathy Prentice
Manager (Student Enrichment) Mr Christopher Watson
Coordinator (Student Communication and Events) Mrs Marieke Bridgeman
Lead Learning Advisor Mrs Kate Derrington
Coordinator (Peer Learning) Mr Ben Ingram
Coordinator (Students Portfolio Services) Mrs Chelsea Koelmeyer
First Nations Student Engagement Indigenous Outreach Coordinator Miss Yvonne O'Neill
Senior Learning Advisor Dr Cristy Bartlett
Student Counsellor Miss Carmen Blacker
Student Counsellor Mrs Michelle Dominiak
Senior Learning Advisor Miss Anita Frederiks
Senior Accessibility and Disability Officer Ms Anna Hammond
Senior Learning Advisor Dr Wendy Hargreaves
Student Welfare Advisor Ms Rebecca Hooley
Career Development Curriculum Designer Mr Michael Howard
Student Welfare Advisor Mrs Robyn Idewa Gede
Coordinator (Student Events) Mr Andrew Johnson
Senior Career Educator Ms Shayne Lorac-Moon
Student Welfare Advisor Ms Sharyn McCarthy
Senior Assistive Technology Officer Mrs Karen Milne
Student Wellness Advisor Mrs Clare Moseley
Student Counsellor Miss Charlotte Scott
Chaplain Coordinator Dr Stephen Wanyonyi
Student Counsellor Mr Scott Waters
Employability Programs Officer Miss Jennifer Burke
Learning Advisor Dr Tyler Cawthray
Employability Programs Officer Miss Rachel Conway
Students Portfolio Services Officer Miss Arlena Day
Learning Advisor (First Nations) Miss Kacie Fahey
Student Partnerships Officer Miss Rachel Hennessy
Learning Advisor Mrs Sarah Irvine
Students Portfolio Services Officer Ms Carolyn Menzies
Accessibility and Disability Officer Mrs Donna Rees
Coordinator (Designated Cohorts) Mr Stephen Seymour
Learning Advisor Dr Eddie Thangavelu
Learning Advisor (First Nations) Miss Carlie Waters
Students Portfolio Services Officer Mrs Megan Weedon