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School of Psychology and Counselling

Position Name
Head of School (Psychology and Counselling) Professor Lorelle Burton
Clinic Director Mrs Jean McCausland-Green
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Geoffrey Argus
Associate Professor (Psychology) Assoc Prof Gavin Beccaria
Senior Lecturer (Counselling) Dr Nathan Beel
Lecturer (Psychology and Counselling) Mr James Brown
Lecturer (Psychology) Mr Steven Christensen
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Suzanne Czech
Lecturer (Psychology) Ms Susan De Campo
Lecturer (Counselling) Dr Carol du Plessis
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Jan Du Preez
Lecturer (Psychology and Counselling) Dr David Else
Associate Professor (Psychology) Assoc Prof Erich Fein
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Yong Goh
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Hong Eng Goh
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Kylie Henderson
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Liam Hendry
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Nancey Hoare
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Michael Ireland
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Zahra Izadikhah
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Carla Jeffries
Professor (Psychology) Professor Bob Knight
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Govind Krishnamoorthy
Professor (Psychology) Professor Andrea Lamont-Mills
Lecturer (Psychology) Ms Kristen Lovric
Senior Lecturer (Psychology and Counselling) Dr Tanya Machin
Professor (Psychology) Professor Tony Machin
Professor (Psychology) Professor Sonja March
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Jessica Marrington
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Crystal McMullen
Associate Professor (Psychology) Assoc Prof Amy Mullens
Lecturer (Psychology and Counselling) Mr Larry Myers
Honorary Lecturer Ms Annissa O'Shea
Adjunct Professor Professor Rudolf Oosthuizen
Lecturer (Psychology and Counselling) Dr Raquel Peel
Senior Lecturer (Psychology and Counselling) Dr Adina Piovesana
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Rachelle Pitt
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Kim Sankey
Honorary Associate Professor Assoc Prof Graeme Senior
Adjunct Research Fellow Ms Jasmin Slack-Smith
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr David Smith
Honorary Professor Professor Lazar Stankov
Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Anne Tolan
Adjunct Professor Professor Terence Tracey
Adjunct Research Fellow Mr Dane Vallely
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Simon Zuscak
Specified Term/Task Dr Victoria Barclay-Timmis
Specified Term/Task Mrs Rebecca Black
Specified Term/Task Dr Samantha Brown
Specified Term/Task Dr Tony Fallon
Specified Term/Task Dr Kevin Glasheen
Specified Term/Task Dr Elizabeth Goadby
Specified Term/Task Ms Nikki Gunatilake
Specified Term/Task Ms Genevieve Lajoie
Specified Term/Task Miss Rebecca Lane
Specified Term/Task Ms Julie Martin
Specified Term/Task Mrs Karen Reid
Specified Term/Task Mr Alan Richardson
Specified Term/Task Mrs Florence Scott
Specified Term/Task Dr Paul Scully
Casual Employment Ms Susan Abel
Casual Employment Mrs Carolyn Alchin
Casual Employment Ms Debbie Anderson
Casual Employment Mrs Anita Baills
Casual Employment Ms Jannikka Balko
Casual Employment Miss Tessa Bellamy
Casual Employment Mr Jaycob Beven-Delaney
Casual Employment Mr Chi Cheng
Casual Employment Mr Benjamin Crebert
Casual Employment Ms Vicki Dallinger
Casual Employment Ms Mel Devereux
Casual Employment Mrs Eileen Edmonds
Casual Employment Mrs Rachel Garcia
Casual Employment Mr Tom Greer-Smith
Casual Employment Miss Zoe Guider
Casual Employment Ms Krysten Henning
Casual Employment Mrs Karina Heyworth
Casual Employment Mrs Kara Hockey
Casual Employment Miss Tiana-Lee Hosking
Casual Employment Ms Julianne Kealey
Casual Employment Ms Diana Le Clercq
Casual Employment Miss Jacqueline Lim
Casual Employment Mrs Sarah Murray
Casual Employment Ms Anna-Maree Osborne
Casual Employment Dr Renee Parsons-Smith
Casual Employment Dr Kiri Patton
Casual Employment Miss Emma Riley
Casual Employment Mrs Casey Roberts
Casual Employment Mrs Emma-Leigh Senyard
Casual Employment Ms Motoko Shimokawa
Casual Employment Dr Lucy Tan
Casual Employment Professor Gerry Tehan
Casual Employment Dr Gerry Treuren
Casual Employment Ms Jean Tulloch
Casual Employment Ms Ruth Wagstaff
Casual Employment Mrs Sylwia Wood
Casual Employment Miss Rachael Wynne