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School of Humanities and Communication

Position Name
Professor (Anthropology) Professor Bryce Barker
Lecturer (English Literature) Dr Sharon Bickle
Lecturer (Creative Writing) Dr Kate Cantrell
Senior Lecturer (Humanities) Dr Jess Carniel
Lecturer (Journalism) Dr Caryn Coatney
Honorary Associate Professor Assoc Prof Libby Connors
Senior Lecturer (History) Dr Catherine Dewhirst
Adjunct Industry Fellow Ms Jules Dos Santos
Senior Lecturer (International Studies) Mr Richard Gehrmann
Associate Professor (English Literature) Assoc Prof Jessica Gildersleeve
Honorary Professor Professor Peter Goodall
Lecturer (Public Relations) Mr Matt Grant
Associate Lecturer (Humanities and Communication) Ms Ann-Maree Hammond
Professor (Communications) Professor Andrew Hickey
Lecturer (English Literature) Dr Daniel Hourigan
Senior Lecturer (International Relations) Dr Victor Igreja
Professor (English and Cultural Studies) Professor Laurie Johnson
Senior Lecturer (Television and Radio Broadcast) Dr Ashley Jones
Senior Lecturer (Communication) Ms Eleanor Kiernan
Senior Lecturer (Public Relations and Communication) Dr Chris Kossen
Professor (Anthropology) Professor Lara Lamb
Head of School (Humanities & Communication) Professor Jill Lawrence
Lecturer (Communication and Media Studies) Mr Andrew Mason
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Dr Robert Mason
Associate Professor (Communication and Media) Assoc Prof Kelly McWilliam
Lecturer (Communication) Miss Sarah Muller
Senior Lecturer (History) Dr Jayne Persian
Associate Professor (Anthropology) and Director (Centre for Heritage and Culture) Assoc Prof Celmara Pocock
Lecturer (Social Sciences) Dr Gabriela Pohl
Adjunct Industry Fellow Mr Peter Rekers
Senior Lecturer (Public Relations) Dr Barbara Ryan
Senior Lecturer (Creative Writing) Dr Nike Sulway
Senior Lecturer (Journalism) Ms Rebecca Te'o
Honorary Lecturer Ms Yan Zhao
Casual Employment Dr Maria Arena
Casual Employment Dr Adriana Basiaco
Casual Employment Dr Gemma Betros
Casual Employment Mr Peter Booth
Casual Employment Ms Tamara Cooper
Casual Employment Ms Katrina Cutcliffe
Casual Employment Mrs Emily de Wiljes
Casual Employment Dr Mark Deng
Casual Employment Dr Peter Denney
Casual Employment Ms Kylie Douglas
Casual Employment Miss Tara East
Casual Employment Dr Gretel Evans
Casual Employment Dr Meg Forbes
Casual Employment Ms Nathalie Frost
Casual Employment Mr Donald Hildred
Casual Employment Ms Jane Hodges
Casual Employment Dr Sally Hourigan
Casual Employment Gary Kemble
Casual Employment Dr Nycole Prowse
Casual Employment Mr James Rose
Casual Employment Dr Regina Ryan
Casual Employment Dr Jennifer Smith
Casual Employment Dr Matthew Thompson
Casual Employment Miss Natasha Walker
Casual Employment Dr Rachael Wallis
Casual Employment Miss Anne-Maree Wicks