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Library Services

Position Name
University Librarian and Director (Library Services) Ms Carmel O'Sullivan
Associate Director (Content) Mrs Tahnee Pearse
Associate Director (Learning and Research) Miss Robyn Tweedale
Manager (Data Quality and Curation) Ms Mandy Callow
Manager (Digital Experience) Mrs Caroline Drury
Manager (Copyright) Dr David Eden
Manager (Client Support) Ms Elizabeth Firman
Manager (Research Support) Ms Leonie Sherwin
Manager (Open Educational Practice) Mr Adrian Stagg
Manager (Copyright) Mrs Catherine Wattiaux
Team Leader Mrs Emma Abdelhadi
Liaison Librarian Dr Michael Affleck
Open Education Content Librarian Miss Nikki Andersen
Support Officer Ms Brenda Atwell
Coordinator (Evidence Based Practice) Mrs Emilia Bell
Library Officer Ms Tahnya Bella
Senior Research Librarian Ms Margaret Bremner
Digital Experience Analyst Mrs Kirsten Clarke
Library Officer Mr Darcy Connell
Library Officer Ms Angie Dale
Content Access Librarian Mrs Andrea Davis
Library Officer Mrs Caralyn De Candia
Liaison Librarian Mrs Elizabeth Derouet
Learning Advisor (Higher Degree Research) Dr Douglas Eacersall
Library Officer Mrs Rebekah Ennor
Manager (Content Acquisition and Access) Mrs Beverly Forbes
Library Officer Ms Sharon Geitz
Digital Experience Analyst Ms Hannah Halley
Library Officer Mr Ryan Heuser
Library Officer Mrs Toni Hohn
Liaision Librarian Ms Marjorie Jeffers
Library Officer Miss Lan Johnson
Library Officer Ms Tiggy Johnson
Library Officer Mrs Priya Jose
Senior Research Librarian Dr Tricia Kelly
Team Leader Mrs Nayana Kumarapeli
Library Officer Miss Karina MacDonald
Senior Library Officer Ms Shireen Madden
Data Quality and Curation Librarian Mrs Jean McGovern
Liaison Librarian Ms Rowena McGregor
Digital Content and Rights Officer Ms Emma McKindley
Library Officer Mr Anthony Merry
Senior Library Officer (Content Sharing) Mrs Kim Moore
Library Officer Ms Teaki Page
Liaison Librarian Ms Emma Peters
Coordinator (Community Engagement) Ms Stephanie Piper
Library Officer Mrs Sally Pobar
Team Leader Miss Jessica Prentice
Senior Library Officer (Evidence Based Practice) Ms Rebecca Randall
Law Librarian Mrs Susanne Schultz
Library Officer Mrs Brooke Springbett
Library Officer (Content Acquisition & Access) Miss Ann Strutt
Liaison Librarian Ms Samanthi Suraweera
Senior Content Purchasing Officer Ms Mackey Vogler
Library Officer Miss Leanne Walter
Data Quality and Curation Librarian Ms Jenny Young
PASS Leader Mr Jesse Adamson Paroz
Casual Employment Miss Kaylee Ahern
PASS Leader Ms Amanda Ainley
PASS Leader Mrs Emma Allen
PASS Leader Miss Betty Appleby
PASS Leader Miss Casey Bassingthwaighte
PASS Leader Mr Ji Bowdern
PASS Leader Mr Sam Bowman
PASS Leader Mr Jacob Bryan
Casual Employment Mrs Jeanie Cartwright
PASS Leader Miss Dani Challacombe
PASS Leader Miss Jenna-Lee Charles
PASS Leader Mr Liam Constable
Casual Employment Miss Adelaide Cool
PASS Leader Mr Stephen Cornell
PASS Leader Mrs Kerrianne Cullen
PASS Leader Ms Beatrice De Simone
PASS Leader Miss Madeleine Delaforce
PASS Leader Mrs Kylie Dessauer
PASS Leader Mr Vahid Ebrahiminejad
PASS Leader Mrs Emilee Ellis
Casual Employment Mrs Patricia Evans
Casual Employment Ms Carly Evans
PASS Leader Mrs Shannon Fagg
Casual Employment Miss Lily Foran
PASS Leader Ms Anita Gray
PASS Leader Miss Lavina Hanna
PASS Leader Mr Mat Hardingham
PASS Leader Miss Jessica Harrison
PASS Leader Mrs Cassandra Holy
PASS Leader Mrs Cindy Jooste
Casual Employment Mr Farhan Khudir
PASS Leader Ms Natalie Kinlay
Casual Employment Mrs Anita Kocsis
PASS Leader Mrs Stacy Koehler
PASS Leader Miss Sarah Lindley
PASS Leader Miss Kelsey Lynn
PASS Leader Miss Sorgul Maho
Casual Employment Miss Erin McKenzie
Casual Employment Miss Ionia McLay
PASS Leader Mr Nick Mclennan
PASS Leader Miss Zoe Miller-Starr
PASS Leader Miss Niamh Newitt
Casual Employment Ms Katie O'Connor
PASS Leader Ms Melanie Oliver
Casual Employment Mrs Desiree Orth
Casual Employment Mr Jaidyn Paroz
PASS Leader Mr Christopher Preddy
Casual Employment Miss Nadilie Reed
Casual Employment Miss Jeanette Richardson
Casual Employment Miss Hannah Riddell
PASS Leader Mr Jordi Scope
Casual Employment Mr Matthew Shenton
Casual Employment Mr Douglas Simon
PASS Leader Ms Esther Sophia
PASS Leader Dr Denise Stevenson
PASS Leader Miss Ella Stone
Casual Employment Miss Bonnie Tatnell-Wilson
PASS Leader Miss Dominique Thorson
PASS Leader Mrs Karyn Verona-Butson
PASS Leader Mr Cameron Wallace
Casual Employment Ms Keltie Wilson