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School of Law and Justice

Position Name
Head of School (Law and Justice) Professor Reid Mortensen
Professor Paul Brand
Dr Susanne Brand
Senior Lecturer (Law and Justice) Dr Kerstin Braun
Senior Lecturer (Law) Dr Vito Breda
Casual Academic Ms Kathleen Brennan
Senior Lecturer (Law) Dr Toni Chardon
Professor (Law) Professor Pauline Collins
Lecturer (Construction and Property Law) Mrs Julie Copley
Associate Professor (Law) Assoc Prof Lynda Crowley-Cyr
Adjunct Professor Professor Ian Dearden
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Mr Tom Delany
Professor (Law) Professor Anthony Gray
Associate Professor (Law) Assoc Prof Caroline Hart
Senior Lecturer (Law) Dr Ling Ling He
Senior Lecturer (Law) Dr Andrew Hemming
Lecturer (Law) Ms Constance Johnson
Senior Lecturer (Law) Dr Nicky Jones
Lecturer (Law) Mr Anton La Vin
Senior Lecturer (Law) Dr Rhett Martin
Senior Lecturer (Law) Dr James Mayanja
Lecturer (Law) Ms Sarah McKibbin
Associate Professor (Law) Assoc Prof Noeleen McNamara
Lecturer (Law) Dr Katie Murray
Lecturer (Law) Dr Rami Olwan
Lecturer (Law) Dr Jeremy Patrick
Adjunct Professor Professor Lisa Pruitt
Lecturer (Law and Justice) Ms Kathy Reeves
Lecturer (Justice Studies) Mrs Suzanne Reich
Adjunct Professor Professor Mike Robertson
Lecturer (Law) Mr Liam Scott
Senior Lecturer (Law) Dr Vanitha Sundra-Karean
Lecturer (Law) Ms Lisa Sylvester
Lecturer (Law) Dr Aaron Timoshanko
Professor (Law and Justice) Professor Simon Young
Lecturer (Law) Dr Bob Zhao
Casual Employment Ms Helen Bain
Casual Employment Mrs Rachel Burgess
Casual Employment Dr Sarah Butcher
Casual Employment Dr William Crane
Casual Employment Mr Mark Day
Casual Employment Mr Brenton Day
Casual Employment Miss Kate Deere
Casual Employment Mr Richard Gifford
Casual Employment Mr Dale Hooper
Casual Employment Mr Gary Houston
Casual Employment Dr Lauren Humby
Casual Employment Ms Linda Kochanski
Casual Employment Ms Krystal Lockwood
Casual Employment Ms Cherriee Ludemann
Casual Employment Mr Angus Murray
Casual Employment Mr Timothy Nugent
Casual Employment Mr Christopher Reese
Casual Employment Ms Rhonda Robinson
Casual Employment Ms Amanda Salmon
Casual Employment Mr Corin Sankey
Casual Employment Mrs Amanda Sapolu
Casual Employment Mr Yari Wildheart