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Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Systems (Research)

Position Name
Associate Professor (Wildlife Management) Assoc Prof Gregory Baxter
Senior Software Developer Mr Roy Anderson
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Paul Belesky
Associate Professor (Wildlife Management) Dr Rosemary Booth
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Dr Tim Cadman
Research Fellow (Crop Modelling) Mr Uwe Grewer
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Dr Ojeda Jonathan
Research Fellow (Soil and Crop Modelling) Dr Chloe Lai
Adjunct Senior Researcher Dr Jerry Maroulis
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Dr Ando Radanielson
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Yingcan Zhu
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Wildlife Management) Dr JP Emery
Research Fellow Miss Cherie O'Sullivan
Casual Employment Miss Katarina Fossey
Casual Employment Miss Taya Jones-Pirlo
Casual Employment Ms Indigo Kuss-Patterson
Casual Employment Ms Patricia LeeHong
Casual Employment Miss Tina Legaspi
Casual Employment Dr David McKenzie
Casual Employment Miss Chloe Miller
Casual Employment Mr Rhys Walsh-Tindall