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Centre for Crop Health (Research)

Position Name
Research Assistant (Crop Pathology) Ms Prue Bottomley
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Wheat Yellow Spot Disease) Dr Niroshini Gunasinghe
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Plant Disease Modelling) Dr Ihsan Khaliq
Research Officer (Crop Nematology) Ms Jing Lin
Associate Professor (Crop and Fungal Genetics) Assoc Prof Anke Martin
Research Officer (Crop Pathology) Dr Stephen McDonald
Research Fellow (Plant Disease Modelling) Dr Paul Melloy
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Dr Ricardo Oliva
Research Fellow (Crop Nematology) Dr Kirsty Owen
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Barsha Poudel
Senior Research Officer (Crop Nematology) Mrs Roslyn Reen
Research Fellow (Crop Nematology) Mr Neil Robinson
Research Officer (Crop Nematology) Mrs Hannah Rostad
Research Assistant (Winter Crop Pathology) Dr Ahmed Saad
Research Fellow (Crop Nematology) Mr Jason Sheedy
Honorary Professor Professor Mark Sutherland
Honorary Professor Professor John Thompson
Research Officer (Crop Nematology) Mrs Michelle Thompson
Research Assistant (Crop Nematology) Mrs Mei Wang
Research Fellow (Biological Control) Dr Bree Wilson
Casual Employment Mr Joseph Barry
Casual Employment Ms Maria Botero
Casual Employment Mr Nathaniel Forward
Casual Employment Mr Kim Khuy Khun
Casual Employment Mr Andriamahery Rasolofoharivelo
Casual Employment Ms Rudrakshi Sharma