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Professor Roger Shivas

Professor Roger Shivas
Name Roger Shivas
Position Professor (Mycology)
Section Centre for Crop Health (Operations)
Office P22-105
Location Toowoomba Campus
Qualifications BSc Qld , BA(Hons) UNE , MSc UNE , PhD UWA

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Mycology ( 060505 )
  • Mycology ( 310705 )

Research interests
mycology, plant pathology, fungal taxonomy, fungal evolutionary biology, biological control, fungal biodiversity

Professional memberships
Fellow of the Australasian Plant Pathology Society

Industry affiliations
Member of the Australasian Plant Pathology Society

USQ Research affiliations

  • Institute for Life Sciences and the Environment (ILSE)

Research most recent
McTaggart AR, Prychid CJ, Bruhl JJ, Shivas RG (2020). The PhyloCode applied to Cintractiellales, a new order of smut fungi with unresolved phylogenetic relationships in the Ustilaginomycotina. Fungal Systematics and Evolution 6: 55–64. doi: 10.3114/fuse.2020.06.04

Wrona CJ, Mohankumar V, Schoeman MH, Tan YP, Shivas RG, Jeff-Ego OS, Akinsanmi OA (2020). Phomopsis husk rot of macadamia in Australia and South Africa caused by novel Diaporthe species. Plant Pathology.

Roach R, Mann R, Gambley CG, Shivas RG, Chapman T, Rodoni B (2020). Pathogenicity and copper tolerance in Australian Xanthomonas species associated with bacterial leaf spot. Crop Protection 127.

Research most notable
Shivas RG, Tan YP (2009). A taxonomic re-assessment of Colletotrichum acutatum, introducing C. fioriniae comb. et stat. nov. and C. simmondsii sp. nov. Fungal Diversity 39: 111-122.

Publications in ePrints

Kruse, J. and McTaggart, A. R. and Dhileepan, K. and Musili, P. M. and Mutie, F. M. and Ntandu, J. E. and Edogbanya, P. R. O. and Chukwuma, E. C. and Shivas, R. G. (2021) Broad and narrow host ranges in resolved species of Cintractia limitata s. lat. (Anthracoideaceae, Ustilaginomycotina) on Cyperus. Mycological Progress, 20. pp. 191-201. ISSN 1617-416X

Keirnan, Elizabeth C. and Tan, Yu Pei and Laurence, Matthew H. and Mertin, Allison A. and Liew, Edward C. Y. and Summerell, Brett A. and Shivas, Roger G. (2021) Cryptic diversity found in Didymellaceae from Australian native legumes. MycoKeys, 78. pp. 1-20. ISSN 1314-4057

Wijayawardene, N. N and Hyde, K. D and Dai, D. Q and Tang, L. Z and Aptroot, A and Castaneda-Ruiz, R. F and Druzhinina, I. S and Cai, F and Ekanayaka, A. H and Erdogdu, M and Fiuza, P. O and Gentekaki, E and Goto, B. T and Haelewaters, D and Hongsanan, S and Jeewon, R and Kirk, P. M and Jayalal, R. G. U and Karunarathna, S. C and Wanasinghe, D. N and Lumbsch, H. T and Madrid, H and Maharachchikumbura, S. S. N and Monteiro, J. S and Shivaprakash, N and Pfliegler, W. P and Phillips, A. J. L and Saxena, R. K and Stadler, M and Tian, Q and Tokarev, Y. S and Tsurykau, A and Ertz, D and Lee, H. B and Etayo, J and Vizzini, A and Jones, E. B. G and Lin, C. G and Li, W. J and Dai, Y. C and Fan, X. L and McKenzie, E. H. C and Shivas, R. G and Hustad, V and Leontyev, D. V and de Hoog, G. S and Niskanen, T and Boekhout, T and Gaya, E and Thines, M (2020) A dynamic portal for a community-driven, continuously updated classification of Fungi and fungus-like organisms: Mycosphere, 11 (1). pp. 1514-1526. ISSN 2077-7000

Kiss, Levente and Vaghefi, Niloofar and Bransgrove, Kaylene and Dearnaley, John D. W. and Takamatsu, Susumu and Tan, Yu Pei and Marston, Craig and Liu, Shu-Yan and Jin, Dan-Ni and Adorada, Dante L.ORCID: and Bailey, Jordan and Cabrera de Alvarez, Maria Graciela and Daly, Andrew and Dirchwolf, Pamela Maia and Jones, Lynne and Nguyen, Thuan Dat and Edwards, Jacqueline and Ho, Wellcome and Kelly, Lisa and Mintoff, Sharl J. L. and Morrison, Jennifer and Nemeth, Mark Z. and Perkins, Sandy and Shivas, Roger G. and Smith, Reannon and Stuart, Kara and Southwell, Ronald and Turaganivalu, Unaisi and Vaczy, Kalman Zoltan and Blommestein, Annie Van and Wright, Dominie and Young, Anthony and Braun, Uwe (2020) Australia: A Continent Without Native Powdery Mildews? The First Comprehensive Catalog Indicates Recent Introductions and Multiple Host Range Expansion Events, and Leads to the Re-discovery of Salmonomyces as a New Lineage of the Erysiphales. Frontiers in Microbiology, 11:1571. pp. 1-31. ISSN 1664-302X

Tanaka, Eiji and Shrestha, Bhushan and Shivas, Roger G. (2020) Commelinaceomyces, gen. nov., for four clavicipitaceous species misplaced in Ustilago that infect Commelinaceae. Mycologia, 112 (3). pp. 649-660. ISSN 0027-5514

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