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School of Civil Engineering and Surveying

Position Name
Head of School (Civil Engineering and Surveying) Professor Kevin McDougall
Senior Lecturer (Construction Management) Dr Vasantha Abeysekera
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Md Jahangir Alam
Senior Lecturer (Mining Engineering) Dr Habib Alehossein
Professor (Geographic Systems) Professor Armando Apan
Senior Lecturer (Environmental Water Engineering) Dr Vasanthadevi Aravinthan
Professor (Structural Engineering) Professor Thiru Aravinthan
Honorary Professor Professor Ron Ayers
Adjunct Professor Professor Naj Aziz
Lecturer (Water and Environmental Engineering) Mrs Justine Baillie
Senior Lecturer (Structural Design) Dr Sourish Banerjee
Senior Lecturer (Spatial Sciences) Dr Badri Basnet
Senior Lecturer (Urban Design and Planning) Dr Marita Basson
Adjunct Professor Professor Michael Berg
Honorary Professor Professor Frank Bullen
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Stephen Buttling
Senior Lecturer (Surveying) Dr Glenn Campbell
Adjunct Professor Professor Phil Charles
Associate Professor (Agricultural Engineering) Assoc Prof Guangnan Chen
Senior Lecturer (Surveying and Spatial Science) Dr Albert Kon-Fook Chong
Senior Lecturer (Water Engineering) Dr Rezaul Chowdhury
Lecturer (Agricultural, Civil and Environmental Engineering) Dr Ian Craig
Senior Lecturer (Construction Engineering and Management) Dr Jo Devine
Honorary Professor Professor David Dowling
Professional Fellow (Civil and Construction Engineering) Mr Gary Elks
Honorary Associate Professor Assoc Prof Laszlo Erdei
Senior Lecturer (Surveying and Positioning) Dr Zahra Gharineiat
Senior Lecturer (Urban and Regional Planning) Mrs Paula Grant
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Michael Grosvenor
Lecturer (Construction Management) Dr Amirhossein Heravi
Adjunct Professor Professor Jan Hoinkis
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Indunil Jayatilake
Professor (Engineering Fibre Composites) Professor Karu Karunasena
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Saman Koswatte
Senior Lecturer (Surveying and Spatial Science) Dr Xiaoye Liu
Senior Lecturer (Civil Engineering) Dr Weena Lokuge
Adjunct Professor Professor Lena Ma
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Raed Ahmed Mahmood
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Nateque Mahmood
Professor (Civil Engineering) Professor Allan Manalo
Professional Fellow (Surveying) Ms Chris McAlister
Adjunct Professor Professor Andrew Meharg
Senior Lecturer (Geotechnical Engineering) Dr Ali Mirzaghorbanali
Lecturer (Water Engineering) Dr Kamrun Nahar
Senior Lecturer (Pavement/Geotechnical Engineering) Dr Andreas Nataatmadja
Lecturer (Structural Engineering) Dr Andy Nguyen
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Nabeel Khan Niazi
Lecturer (Surveying and Spatial Science) Dr Dev Raj Paudyal
Lecturer (Surveying and Spatial Science) Dr Kithsiri Perera
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Muni Rami Reddy Rasappagari
Adjunct Professor Professor Jorg Rinklebe
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Gabriel Scarmana
Senior Lecturer (Geotechnical Engineering) Dr Jim Shiau
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Dr Nury Simfors
Senior Lecturer (Surveying) Mr Shane Simmons
Lecturer (Surveying) Miss Jessica Smith
Senior Lecturer (Transport Engineering) Dr Soma Somasundaraswaran
Associate Professor (Engineering/Technology Management) Assoc Prof David Thorpe
Senior Lecturer (Water and Environmental Engineering) Dr Antoine Trzcinski
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Robert Wildermuth
Honorary Associate Professor Assoc Prof John Worden
Lecturer (Surveying and Spatial Science) Dr Zhenyu Zhang
Adjunct Professor Professor Fang-Jie Zhao
Adjunct Professor Professor Yongguan Zhu
Adjunct Professor Professor Yan Zhuge
Casual Employment Dr Nasim Aghili
Casual Employment Assoc Prof Thomas Banhazi
Casual Employment Mr Hermanus Basson
Casual Employment Mr Garry Cislowski
Casual Employment Mr John Clewett
Casual Employment Mr Peter Gregor
Casual Employment Mr Madhubhashitha Herath
Casual Employment Mr Cameron Leckie
Casual Employment Mr Ji-Sung Lee
Casual Employment Mr Rodney Little
Casual Employment Mr Mohammad Mirza Hassan
Casual Employment Ms Beverly Muita
Casual Employment Mr Hadi Nourizadeh
Casual Employment Dr Azmeri Rahman
Casual Employment Mr Ashkan Rastegarmanesh
Casual Employment Dr Mohammad Hizam Shah Rusmi
Casual Employment Dr Zabi Sadiqi
Casual Employment Dr Sattar Sattary
Casual Employment Dr Warren Seib
Casual Employment Mr Brendan Shute
Casual Employment Mrs Jane Smith
Casual Employment Dr Noor Azwa Zulkarnain