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Dr Fahim Ullah

Dr Fahim Ullah
Name Fahim Ullah
Pronoun He/Him/His
Position Lecturer (Construction Project Management)
Section School of Surveying and Built Environment
Office B431
Location Springfield Campus
Phone +61 7 3470 4152
Extension 4152
Qualifications BCivil Eng NUST , MSc NUST , PhD UNSW
Languages Pashto (accredited translator)
Urdu (accredited translator)
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Fahim Ullah is a lecturer in construction project management at the University of Southern Queensland. He holds a Ph.D. degree from the School of Built Environment, University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia, and has been a casual lecturer at the same institute for four years. He also taught various courses in Project Management at the University of Sydney as a lead lecturer. Previously, he worked for three years as a lecturer at the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan, where he taught the courses of Construction Engineering and Management and Project Management at three schools. Furthermore, he has more than two years of field experience at Bin Nadeem Associates (BNA), Pakistan, as Assistant Manager (Planning), and Malik Abdul Hanan and Sons, Pakistan, as Planning Engineer. His research interests are in Construction Management, Project Management, Smart Cities, Digital Technologies, and Disruptive Innovation. He has been awarded multiple research grants and best paper awards. To date, Fahim has published more than 70 high-quality research articles related to construction projects, smart cities, and real estate and property management. Fahim has also been the editorial board member of the section "smart cities and urban management" of the Energies Journal from 2021 to 2022. In addition, he is editing multiple special issues in Q1 journals related to digital disruptions in the built environment and industry 5.0 technologies.

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Building Construction Management And Project Planning ( 330202 )
  • Other Built Environment And Design ( 339900 )
  • Automation And Technology In Building And Construction ( 330201 )
  • Building Information Modelling And Management ( 330204 )
  • Housing Markets ( 330403 )
  • Urban And Regional Planning ( 330400 )
  • Building ( 330200 )
  • Other Built Environment And Design not elsewhere classified ( 339999 )

Research interests
Digital Technologies,
Construction Management,
Project Management,
Real Estate & Property,
Built Environment
Industry 4.0 & 5.0.

Editorial roles and special issues in various journals

• Ex member of editorial board of Energies Journal (Q1) for the section, “smart cities and urban management”.
• Editing/Edited multiple special issues in renowned journals as listed below.

1 Sustainable disruptive technologies in the built environment: A step towards industry 5.0 Sustainability (Q1) Sole Editor
2 Towards smart tech 4.0 in the built environment: Applications of disruptive digital technologies in smart cities, construction, and real estate Buildings (Q1) Sole Editor
3 Drones in the Built Environment: Applications in construction, architecture, transportation, urban and regional planning
Drones (Q1) Sole Editor
4 Key enablers of Industry 5.0 in Construction Management: Human-computer interaction, digitalization, and disruptive digital technologies Frontiers in Built Environment (Q2) Lead Editor
5 Architectural and Construction Technologies for Industry 4.0: Towards the Digital Transformation of the Built Environment
Architecture Sole Editor

Professional memberships
Affiliate Member of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Member of The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)
Member of Management and Strategy Institute (MSI)

Industry affiliations
Member of Real Estate Institute of New South Wales (REINSW)
Honorary Member of Institute of Engineers Pakistan (IEP)
Registered Engineer at Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)

Currently teaching courses/programs
CMG1001 - Introduction to Construction Management and the Built Environment
CMG1002 - Residential Construction: Methods, Materials and Management
CMG2001 - Job Organisation
CMG2003 - Construction Production Management
CMG3002 - Contract Administration
CMG4002 - Integrated Construction Management
ENG8205 - Project Management Practice
ENG4111 - Research Project Part 1

Teaching experience(Tertiary)
7 Years

Administrative responsibilities
Early Career Researchers Representative at Research Planning and Implementation Committee SSBE-USQ

Research most recent
For a complete list of my research articles, please refer to my Google Scholar or ResearchGate profiles below:

Google Scholar :

ResearchGate :

Research most notable
1. Ullah, F., Sepasgozar, S., Shirowzhan, S., & Davis, S. (2021). Modelling users’ perception of the online real estate platforms in a digitally disruptive environment: An integrated KANO-SISQual approach. Telematics and Informatics
2. Ullah, F., Qayyum, S., Al-Turjman, F., & Thaheem, M.J. (2021). Risk management in sustainable smart cities governance: A TOE framework. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 167, 120743.
3. Qayyum, S., Ullah, F., Al-Turjman, F., & Mojtahedi, M. (2021). Managing Smart Cities through Six Sigma: A Conceptual Framework based on DMADICV approach. Sustainable Cities and Society
4. Atif, S., Umer, M., & Ullah, F. (2021). Investigating the flood damages in Lower Indus Basin since 2000: A Spatio-temporal analysis of the major flood events. Natural Hazards
5. Ullah, F., Sepasgozar, S., Thaheem, M. J., Wang, C. & Imran, M. (2021). It’s all about Perceptions: A DEMATEL approach to exploring user perceptions of real estate online platforms. Ain Shams Engineering Journal
6. Ullah, F., Sepasgozar, S., & Thaheem, M. J. (2021). Barriers to the digitalization and innovation of Australian Smart Real Estate: A managerial perspective on the technology non-adoption. Environmental Technology & Innovation. 22, 101527.
7. Ullah, F., Al-Turjman, F., Qayyum, S., & Inam, H. (2021). Advertising through UAVs: An optimized path system for delivering smart real estate advertisements materials. International Journal of Intelligent Systems, 1-35.
8. Ullah, F., & Al-Turjman, F. (2021). A conceptual framework for blockchain smart contract adoption to manage real estate deals in smart cities. Neural Computing and Applications, 146,1-22.
9. Qadir, Z., Ullah, F., Munawar, H.S., & Al-Turjman, F., (2021). Addressing disasters in smart cities through UAVs path planning and 5G communications: A systematic review. Computer Communications, 168, 114-135.
10. Ullah, F., Sepasgozer, S., Tahmasebinia, F., Sepasgozar, S. M. E., & Davis, S. (2020). Examining the impact of students’ attendance, sketching, visualization, and tutors experience on students’ performance: a case of building structures course in construction management. Construction Economics and Building, 20(3), 78-102.
11. Ullah, F., Sepasgozar, S.M.E. (2020). Key Factors Influencing Purchase or Rent Decisions in Smart Real Estate Investments: A System Dynamics Approach Using Online Forum Thread Data. Sustainability 12(11), 4382.
13. Low, S., Ullah, F., Shirowzhan, S., Sepasgozar, S. M., & Lee, C. L. (2020). Smart digital marketing capabilities for sustainable property development: A case of Malaysia. Sustainability, 12(13), 5402.
14. Munawar, H. S., Qayyum, S., Ullah, F., & Sepasgozar, S. (2020). Big Data and Its Applications in Smart Real Estate and the Disaster Management Life Cycle: A Systematic Analysis. Big Data and Cognitive Computing, 4(2), 4.
15. Ali Q., Thaheem, M.J., Ullah, F. & Sepasgozar, S. (2020). The performance gap in energy-efficient office buildings: How the occupants can help? Energies, 13(6), 1480.
16. Ayub, B., Thaheem, M. J., & Ullah, F. (2019). Contingency Release During Project Execution: The Contractor’s Decision-Making Dilemma. Project Management Journal. 8756972819848250.
17. Ullah, F., Sepasgozar, S., & Wang, C. (2018). A Systematic Review of Smart Real Estate Technology: Drivers of, and Barriers to, the Use of Digital Disruptive Technologies and Online Platforms. Sustainability, 10(9), 3142.

Publications in ePrints

Rehman, Muhammad Sami Ur and Shafiq, Muhammad Tariq and Ullah, FahimORCID: (2022) Automated Computer Vision-Based Construction Progress Monitoring: A Systematic Review. Buildings, 12 (7):1037. pp. 1-33.

Munawar, Hafiz Suliman and Ullah, FahimORCID: and Qayyum, Siddra and Shahzad, Danish (2022) Big data in construction: current applications and future opportunities. Big Data and Cognitive Computing, 6 (1):18.

Salman, Muhammad and Munawar, Hafiz Suliman and Latif, Khalid and Akram, Muhammad Waseem and Khan, Sara Imran and Ullah, FahimORCID: (2022) Big Data Management in Drug–Drug Interaction: A Modern Deep Learning Approach for Smart Healthcare. Big Data and Cognitive Computing, 6 (1):30. pp. 1-17.

Ghufran, Maria and Khan, Khurram Iqbal Ahmad and Ullah, FahimORCID: and Nasir, Abdur Rehman and Al Alahmadi, Ahmad Aziz and Alzaed, Ali Nasser and Alwetaishi, Mamdooh (2022) Circular Economy in the Construction Industry: A Step towards Sustainable Development. Buildings, 12 (7):1004. pp. 1-26.

Munawar, Hafiz Suliman and Ullah, FahimORCID: and Shahzad, Danish and Heravi, AmirhosseinORCID: and Qayyum, Siddra and Akram, Junaid (2022) Civil infrastructure damage and corrosion detection: an application of machine learning. Buildings, 12 (2):156.

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Research supervisor in the area of:

  • Urban And Regional Planning ( 330400 )
  • Building ( 330200 )
  • Other Built Environment And Design not elsewhere classified ( 339999 )