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Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Office (Academic)

Position Name
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Karen Nelson
Executive Director (Strategic Liaison Education Community) Mrs Helen Nolan
Principal Advisor (Academic Governance and Standards) Mrs Leanne Midgley
Manager (Learning Analytics) Dr Angela Murphy
Dean (Academic Transformation) Professor Lyn Alderman
Academic Policy Coordinator Dr Gabriela Berger
Executive Assistant Ms Kate Briggs
Senior Accreditation Officer Mrs Nicole Deeth
Director (Microcredential Unit) Dr Renee Desmarchelier
Manager (Academic Quality) Mr Jon Dickins
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Helen Farley
Senior Lecturer (Academic Quality) Dr Melissa Forbes
Evaluation Support Officer Dr Benjamin Harris
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Tamara Heck
Senior Executive Officer Ms Kathy Pingel
Project Officer (Microcredential Unit) Miss Jenna Schott
Grievance Resolution Advisor Ms Natasha Shaw
Senior Data Analyst Mr Nigel Summers
Support Officer Mr Samuel Whittingham
Specified Term/Task Miss Brielle Chengody
Casual Employment Ms Linda Bird