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Dr Zahra Izadikhah

Dr Zahra Izadikhah
Name Zahra Izadikhah
Position Senior Lecturer (Psychology)
Section School of Psychology and Wellbeing
Office B334
Location Ipswich Campus
Phone +61 7 3812 6157
Extension 6157
Qualifications BPsych Isfahan UT , MClinPsych USWRSc , PhD Qld

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Psychology not elsewhere classified ( 170199 )
  • Medical and Health Sciences ( 110000 )
  • Health, Clinical and Counselling Psychology ( 170106 )
  • Clinical And Health Psychology ( 520300 )
  • Other Psychology not elsewhere classified ( 529999 )
  • Other Psychology ( 529900 )
  • Other Health Sciences ( 429900 )

Research interests
Zahra's main research interests are: “trauma, attachment style and insecurity, emotion regulation and dysregulation, personality structure, and their relationships with mental health outcomes and medical symptoms. She is also interested in research on “the Processes of Change in Psychotherapy”.

Professional memberships
Member of Australian Psychological Society

Industry affiliations
Zahra is an endorsed clinical psychologists registered with psychology Board of Australia.

USQ Research affiliations

  • Institute for Resilient Regions (IRR)
  • Centre for Health, Informatics and Economic Research (CHIER)

Currently teaching courses/programs
PSY3030 Abnormal Psychology
PSY8045 Clinical Intervention
PSY8270 Advanced Psychopathology
COU5005 Mental Health Practice 2
PSY4102 Psychology Honours Projects A and B

Teaching experience(Tertiary)
10 Years

Research most recent
Forooshani, S. A., Murray, K. E., Izadikhah, Z., & Khawaja, N. (2020). Identifying the Most Effective Strategies for Improving Autobiographical Memory Specificity and Its Implications for Mental Health Problems: A Meta-analysis. Cognitive Therapy and Research. Online First available at

Leo, D., Izadikhah, Z., Fine, E., & Ahmadi, H. (2019). The Effect of Trauma on Religious Beliefs: A Structured Literature Review, Trauma, Violence, and Abuse. doi: 10.1177/1524838019834076.

Ahmadi, S. H., Izadikhah, Z., Renzaho, A. & O’Conner, P. (2019). The effectiveness of psychological interventions on social adjustment of young refugees, Journal of Refugee Studies.

Fine, E., Beana, D., & Izadikhah, Z., (2019). The Security to Lead: A Structured Review on Leader Attachment Patterns and Leader Member Exchange. European Journal of Leadership, 1-20.

O’Conner, P., Izadikhah, Z., Abedini, S., & Jackson, C., (2018). Deficits in emotional intelligence explain the negative effects of abandonment schema on marital satisfaction. Family Relations. 1-10.

Research most notable
Izadikhah, Z ., Jackson, C., & Loxton, N. (2010). An integrative approach to personality: Behavioural Approach System, Mastery Approach Orientation and environmental cues in the prediction of performance. Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, 48(5), 590-595.

Izadikhah, Z., & Jackson, C. (2011). Investigating the moderating effect of rewarding environment on Mastery Approach Orientation in the prediction of everyday life performance. British Journal of Psychology, 102(2), 204-222.

Maroufi, M., Zamani, S., Izadikhah, Z., Maroofi, M., & O’Connor, P. (2016). Investigating the Effect of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) on post-operative pain intensity in adolescents undergoing surgery. Journal of Advanced Nursing. 72(9), 2207-2217.

Jackson, C., Izadikhah, Z., & Oei, T. (2013). Applying the Hybrid Model of Learning in Personality to Depression: Is Sensation Seeking an indirect predictor of Depression? Journal of Affective Disorder, 139, 30-39.

Perera, H., Izadikhah, Z., O’Conner, P., McIvin, P. (2016). Resolving Dimensionality Problems with WHOQOL-BREF Item Responses. Journal of Assessment.1-12.

Publications in ePrints

Ahmadi Forooshani, Sayedhabibilah and Izadikhah, Zahra and Renzaho, Andre M. N. and O'Connor, Peter J. (2021) Effectiveness of psychological interventions on young refugees' social adjustment: a meta-analysis. Journal of Refugee Studies, 34 (1). pp. 976-992. ISSN 0951-6328

Ahmadi Forooshani, Sayedhabibolah and Murray, Kate and Khajavi, Nigar and Izadikhah, Zahra (2021) Identifying the links between trauma and social adjustment: implications for more effective psychotherapy with traumatized youth. Frontiers in Psychology, 12:666807. pp. 1-10.

Salimi, Samaneh and Asgari, Zahra and Izadikhah, Zahra and Abedi, Mohamadreza (2021) Personality and Post‑Traumatic Growth: the Mediating Role of Career Adaptability Among Traumatized Adolescents. Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma. pp. 1-10. ISSN 1936-1521

Ahmadi Forooshani, Sayedhabibolah and Murray, Kate and Izadikhah, Zahra and Khawaja, Nigar (2021) Targeting treatment-resistant effects of trauma for promoting social adjustment: an intervention mapping protocol augmented by empirical pilot studies. Traumatology. ISSN 1534-7656

Leo, Darius and Izadikhah, Zahra and Fein, ErichORCID: and Forooshani, Sayedhabib (2021) The effect of trauma on religious beliefs: a structured literature review and meta-analysis. Trauma, Violence and Abuse, 22 (1). pp. 161-175. ISSN 1524-8380

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Research supervisor in the area of:

  • Psychology not elsewhere classified ( 170199 )
  • Health, Clinical and Counselling Psychology ( 170106 )
  • Clinical And Health Psychology ( 520300 )
  • Other Psychology not elsewhere classified ( 529999 )
  • Other Psychology ( 529900 )
  • Other Health Sciences ( 429900 )