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Dr Vanitha Sundra-Karean

Dr Vanitha Sundra-Karean
Name Vanitha Sundra-Karean
Position Senior Lecturer (Law)
Section School of Law and Justice
Office T104
Location Ipswich Campus
Phone +61 7 3812 6375
Extension 6375
Qualifications LLB(Hons) London , LLM Malaya , PhD Qld
Languages Malay (accredited translator)
Tamil (non accredited translator)

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Law not elsewhere classified ( 180199 )
  • Public Law not elsewhere classified ( 480799 )

Research interests
Employment Law
Malaysian Constitutional Law: Judicial Power - Constitutional Interpretation

Industry affiliations
Australian Labour Law Association

Currently teaching courses/programs
LAW2212 Equity
LAW5212 Advanced Equity
LAW3442 Employment Law
LAW8703 Comparative Employment Law

Teaching experience(Tertiary)
29 Years

Administrative responsibilities
Program Director, Master of Laws (Coursework) - LLMC

Research most recent

•Sundra-Karean V, Employment Law and Theory – A Malaysian Focus With A Comparative Perspective, Current Law Journal, Kuala Lumpur, 2012

•Ratnapala S, John T, Karean V, Koch C, Australian Constitutional Law: Commentary and Cases, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 2006

•Sundra Karean V, ‘The Malaysian SME: Human Capital and Employment Norms’ in Ndubisi NO & Saleh AS (eds) Small & Medium Enterprises(SMEs): Malaysian & Global Perspectives, Prentice Hall Pearson, 2006

Research most notable

* Sundra-Karean V, 'Judicial Power in Transplanted Common Law Constitutions: Malaysia's Continuing Struggle - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back' (2020) (Apr) Public Law 236

• Sundra-Karean V, ‘The Erosion of the Implied Term of Mutual Trust and Confidence in Australian Employment Law – Are Common Law and Statute Necessarily Uncomfortable Bedfellows?’ (2016) Vol. 45(4) Common Law World Review 275

• Sundra-Karean V & Syed Ahmad S S, ‘The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility and Soft Law options in the Protection of Migrant Workers’ Interests’ 40 (2012) Asian Journal of Social Science 509

• Sundra-Karean V, ‘In Defense of Soft Law and Public-Private Initiatives: A Means to an End? - The Malaysian Case’ (2011) Vol.12(2) Theoretical Inquiries in Law 465

• Sundra Karean V, ‘Charting New Horizons in Procedural Fairness and Substantive Fairness in Individual Employment Law’ [2007] 6 Malayan Law Journal i

• Sundra Karean V, ‘The Constitutional Right to Livelihood as a Developing Field in Malaysian Labour Jurisprudence’ [2007] 5 Malayan Law Journal lxxxviii

• Sundra Karean V, ‘The Malaysian Constitution and Its Identity Crisis: Secular or Theocratic?’ [2006] LAWASIA Journal 47

• Sundra Karean V, ‘Can the “Right to Life” include the “Right to Livelihood”?’ [2005] Law Review 42

• Sundra Karean V, ‘The Constitutional Protection of the Right to Livelihood in Malaysia: A Reality or Mere Fallacy?’ (2003) 11 Asia Pacific Law Review 23


•Book Review: Constituting Democracy: Law, Globalism and South Africa’s Political Reconstruction, Klug H, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2000 in Proctor (Queensland Law Society) Vol.21 No.5 June 2001, 38 -39

Publications in ePrints

Sundra-Karean, Vanitha (2016) The erosion of the implied term of mutual trust and confidence in Australian employment law: are common law and statute necessarily uncomfortable bedfellows? Common Law World Review, 45 (4). pp. 275-297. ISSN 1473-7795

Sundra-Karean, Vanitha (2013) Is the employment construct a socio-legal or purely economic phenomenon? In search of a redefining theory for employment law. In: Annual Australian National University ECR Workshop 2013, 14-15 Feb 2013, Canberra, Australia.

Sundra-Karean, Vanitha (2012) Common law versus statutory regulation of individual labour rights in Australia: how is the public interest best served? In: 6th Australian Labour Law Association Biennial Conference (ALLA 2012): Working in the Public Interest, 16-17 Nov 2012, Canberra, Australia.

Sundra-Karean, Vanitha (2012) Employment law and theory: a Malaysian focus with a comparative perspective. Malaysian Current Law Journal, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ISBN 978-967-0379-02-9

Sundra-Karean, Vanitha and Syed Ahmad, Sharifah Suhanah (2012) The role of corporate social responsibility and soft law options in the protection of migrant workers' interests in host countries: the case of Malaysia. Asian Journal of Social Science, 40 (4). pp. 509-523. ISSN 1568-4849

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