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Assoc Prof Shane Zhang

Assoc Prof Shane Zhang
Name Shane Zhang
Position Associate Professor (Economics)
Section School of Business
Office T336
Location Toowoomba Campus
Phone +61 7 4631 2640
Extension 2640
Qualifications PhD UniSA
Languages Chinese (accredited translator)

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Applied Economics ( 140200 )
  • Air Transportation and Freight Services ( 150701 )
  • Air Transportation And Freight Services ( 350901 )
  • Applied Economics ( 380100 )

Research interests
Aviation and transport economics; Industrial economics and Industrial organisation; Transport logistics.

I am available to supervise research students (Masters and PhD) and host visiting scholars in these areas.

Industry affiliations
A member of the Air Transport Research Society (ATRS), and the Chinese Economics Society of Australia (CESA).

Currently teaching courses/programs
ECO 1000 Economics
ECO 2000 Macro-economy and Business
ECO 2001 Business Economics
ECO 2100 Aviation Economics
ECO 5000 Economics for Managers

Previously taught
Personnel Economics

Teaching experience(Tertiary)
16 Years

Administrative responsibilities
Discipline Coordinator of Economics/Politics

Research most recent
MA, W., Zhang, A., Zhang, Y., Xu, S. 2021. The growing influence of low-cost carriers in Northeast Asia and its implications for a regional single aviation market. Journal of Air Transport Management. 91, 101994.

Tisdall, L., Zhang, Y., & Zhang, A. (2020). Development challenges facing general aviation airports: A case study of Archerfield Airport, Queensland, Australia. Case Studies on Transport Policy, 8(4), 1458-1467.

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Ma, W., Wang, Q., Yang, H., Zhang, G. and Zhang, Y. 2020. Understanding airline price dispersion in the presence of high-speed rail. Transport Policy, 95, 93-102.

Yang, H., Ma, W., Wang, Q., Wang, K., Zhang, Y. 2020. Welfare implications for air passengers in the era of high-speed rail in China. Transport Policy, in press.

Oredegbe, A and Zhang, Y. 2020. Telecommunications industry efficiency: A comparative analysis of high and middle income countries. Telecommunications Policy, 44(5), 101958.

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Hu, Q., Zhang, A., Zhang, Y.2019. Why are regional jets less used in emerging economies? A real options valuation approach and policy implications. Transport Policy, 79, 125-136.

Ma, W., Wang, Q., Yang, H., Zhang, A., and Zhang, Y. 2019. Effects of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail on air travel: Passenger types, airline groups and tacit collusion. Research in Transportation Economics, 74, 64-76.

Publications in ePrints

Zhang, Yahua ORCID: and Zhang, Anming (2021) A review of connectivity utility models and their applications. In: Air transport and regional developent methodologies. Taylor & Francis (Routledge), London; New York, pp. 26-44. ISBN 9780367076498

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Zhang, Yahua (Shane) ORCID: and Zhang, Chrystal and Yarde, Kareem (2021) Characteristics of China’s air transport industry. In: China’s trade policy on international air transport: policy goals, driving forces, and impact. Taylor & Francis (Routledge), London, United Kingdom, pp. 24-52.

Ma, Wenliang and Zhang, YahuaORCID: and Cui, Jinhua (2021) Chinese future frequent flyers’ willingness to pay for carbon emissions reduction. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 97:102935. pp. 1-12. ISSN 1361-9209

Tisdall, Lucas and Zhang, YahuaORCID: and Zhang, Anming (2021) COVID-19 impacts on general aviation – comparative experiences, governmental responses and policy imperatives. Transport Policy, 110. pp. 273-280. ISSN 0967-070X

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Approved research supervisor in the area of:

  • Air Transportation and Freight Services ( 150701 )
  • Air Transportation And Freight Services ( 350901 )
  • Applied Economics ( 380100 )