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Dr Lingling He

Dr Lingling He
Name Lingling He
Position Senior Lecturer (Law)
Section School of Law and Justice
Office Q414
Location Toowoomba Campus
Phone +61 7 4687 5648
Extension 5648
Qualifications LLB Zhongnan , LLM Western Sydney , LLM(Hons) Western Sydney , PhD Western Sydney
Languages Mandarin (non accredited translator)

Research interests
WTO and China
Dispute settlement
Dumping and anti-dumping
Bilateral trade and investment agreements
Australia-China trade relations

Professional memberships
Society of International Economic Law

Currently teaching courses/programs
LAW2106 Law of Business Organisations
LAW5206 Corporations Law
LAW3464/8118 International Trade Law
LAW1123/5123 Civil Obligations B (Contract)

Research most recent
‘International Regulation of Investment by State-owned Enterprises: A Comparative Perspective’ (2018) 13 (2) Journal of Comparative Law, 189-216.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Quest for a Twenty-first Century Trade Agreement (Edited by C. L. Lim, Deborah Kay Elms, and Patrick Low, Cambridge University Press), Law Press China, 2016 (English-Chinese translation, with Xiaobo Zhao).

‘Reassessing the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement Negotiation Process’ (2015) 10 (4) Frontiers of Law In China, 714-731.

Research most notable
‘Chinese State-Owned Enterprises and Foreign Investment Regulation in Australia’ (2018) 46 (5) Australian Business Law Review, 272-290.

‘Dispute Resolution in Investment Treaties: Balancing the Rights of Investors and Host States’ (2015) 49 (1) Journal of World Trade, 85-116 (with Razeen Sappideen)

‘On Re-invigorating the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement Negotiation Process’ (2013) 14 (4) Journal of World Investment and Trade, 672-696.

Investor-State Arbitration under Bilateral Trade and Investment Agreements: Finding Rhythm in Inconsistent Drumbeats (2013) 47 (1) Journal of World Trade, 215-242 (with Razeen Sappideen)

‘Dumping and Anti-Dumping Measures’ in Carr et al (eds), International Trade Law and the WTO, (The Federation Press, 2013), 166-206 (with Razeen Sappideen)

Investor-State Arbitration: From Multilateral Agreement on Investment to Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (2012) 40 (2) Federal Law Review, 207-226 (with Razeen Sappideen)

Mapping Anti-Dumping Disputes from 1995 to 2011: The Changing Pattern (2012) 13 (1) Journal of World Investment and Trade 127-145 (with Razeen Sappideen)

Dispute Settlement Measures under Free Trade Agreement: The Proposed Australia-China Free Trade Agreement (2011) 12 (4) Journal of World Investment and Trade 581-603 (with Razeen Sappideen)

Observations on the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement Negotiation Process (2010) 38 (4) Australian Business Law Review 257-264 (with Razeen Sappideen)

Reflections on China’s WTO Accession Commitments and their Observance (2009) 43 (4) Journal of World Trade 847-871 (with Razeen Sappideen)


Free Trade Agreements and the US-China-Australia Relationship in the Asia-Pacific Region (2013) 21 (1) Asia-Pacific Law Review, 55-76 (with Razeen Sappideen)

China’s WTO Participation in Anti-Dumping Disputes: The First Ten Years (2012) 7 (4) Frontiers of Law in China, 616-643

On Eliminating Non-Tariff Barriers in a Time of Worldwide Economic Crisis: China’s Role (2010) 7 Macquarie Journal of Business Law 32-53 (with Razeen Sappideen)

The Payment System in China, (2008) 23 (3) Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation 168 -174 (with Razeen Sappideen)


'State-Owned Enterprises and Foreign Investment Regulation in Australia', 13th ASLI Conference, held at Peking University Law School, Beijing, 18-20 May, 2016.

'Dispute Resolution in Investment Treaties: Balancing Investor-State Arbitration with Legislation in the Public Interest', ALTA Conference, held at Bond University, Gold Coast, 10-12 July, 2014

'Investor-State Arbitration: The Changing Landscape', Joint Australia-New Zealand Society of International and Asian Society of International Law Conference, held at University of New South Wales, Sydney, 25-26 October, 2012

'Overcoming the Agriculture, Services, Investment and Government Procurement (ASIG) Issues underlying the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement Negotiation Process',Beyond the WTO: China in the International Economic Order Workshop, held at University of New South Wales, Sydney, 3 August, 2012

'Investor-State Arbitration under Bilateral Trade and Investment Agreements', 9th Asian Law Institute Conference, held at National University of Singapore, 29 May to 1 June, 2012

'From Multinational Agreement on Investment to Bilateral Treaties to Reasserting State Sovereignty', Sydney Law School Postgraduate Conference, held at University of Sydney, 27-28 October, 2011

'Investor-State Dispute Settlement Provisions: Good or Bad', Australia and New Zealand Society of International Law (ANZSIL) Post-Graduate Research Students Workshop, held at Australian National University, Canberra, 22 June, 2011

'In the Shadow of Australia – China Free Trade Agreement Negotiation', Second Biennial Global Conference of the Society of International Economic Law, held at the University of Barcelona, Spain, 8-10 July, 2010

Publications in ePrints

He, Ling Ling (2018) Chinese state-owned enterprises and foreign investment regulation in Australia. Australian Business Law Review, 46 (5). pp. 272-290. ISSN 0310-1053

He, Ling Ling (2018) International regulation of investment by state-owned enterprises: a comparative perspective. Journal of Comparative Law, 13 (2). pp. 189-216. ISSN 1477-0814

He, Ling Ling and Woodhead, Alice and Nugent, Timothy (2016) Protecting food brands in China. Technical Report. Unpublished , Toowoomba, Australia. [Report]

Nugent, Timothy and Woodhead, Alice and He, Ling Ling (2016) Protecting your brand: intellectual property for value added exports. Project Report. Unpublished , Toowoomba, Australia. [Report]

Zhao, Xiaobo and He, Ling Ling (2016) The Trans-Pacific Partnership: a quest for a twenty-first century trade agreement (English-Chinese translation). Cambridge University Press, China. ISBN 978-7-5118-9292-8

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