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Professor Jeffrey Gow

Professor Jeffrey Gow
Name Jeffrey Gow
Position Professor (Economics)
Section School of Business
Office T341
Location Toowoomba Campus
Phone +61 7 4631 2617
Extension 2617
Qualifications BAgEcon(Hons) UNE , MEcon UNE , PhD Monash
The views expressed on staff homepages may not reflect the views of the University.

Research interests
Health Economics
Health Systems
Health Policy
Socio-Economics of HIV/AIDS
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Policy
Environmental Economics
Climate Change
Wine Economics

Professional memberships
International Health Economics Association
International AIDS Society
International HIV/AIDS Economics Network
Australian Health Economics Society
Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society
American Association of Wine Economists

USQ Research affiliations

  • Institute for Resilient Regions (IRR)
  • Centre for Health, Informatics and Economic Research (CHIER)

Currently teaching courses/programs
Coursework Teaching
ECO5000 Economics - Course Leader - S2 2020; S1 2019

Stiglitz J., Walsh C., Gow J., Guest R., Richmond W. and Tani M. (2016) “Principles of Economics: 2nd Australian Edition.” John Wiley and Sons, Brisbane.

Current PhD Students

Law C. The Scope of Customer Relationship Management in Airline Management (Associate Supervisor)

Mahumud Md. R. The Economics of Cancer in Australia (Associate Supervisor)

Hashmi R. The Economics of Mental Health in Australia (Associate Supervisor)

Keramat S. The Economics of Obesity in Australia (Associate Supervisor)

Norris P. Does Metabolic Syndrome Predict Surgical Outcomes? (Associate Supervisor)

Recently Completed Masters Students
Ahmed S. Empirical Analysis of the Dynamic Relationship Between Energy, Militarisation, CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth in Myanmar (Associate Supervisor)

Recently Completed PhD Students
Rana R. The Causes and Consequences of Rising Health Care Expenditure: A Global Perspective. (Associate Supervisor)

Ahmad N. Corporate Governance and Sustainability Reporting: A Case Study of Malaysia (Associate Supervisor)

Ramdhony D. The Impact of Corporate Governance Practices and Firm Characteristics on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting - Evidence from Mauritius (Associate Supervisor)

Uddin G. Population Change and Sustainable Economic Development: A Case Study of Regional Australia (Associate Supervisor)

George G. Human Resources for Health (HRH) in South Africa: Identifying Shortages, Challenges and Migration Intentions (Co-Supervisor)

Odera J. Examination of Social and Environmental Disclosures in Nigerian Oil Companies. (Associate Supervisor)

Afzal N. Production Function and Frontier Analysis: Application to Knowledge Based Economies in ASEAN Countries (Associate Supervisor)

Roy A. Issues in Sustainable Planning and Development in the Context of Climate Change (Associate Supervisor)

Sarker R. The Impact of Climate Change on Bangladesh Rice Farming (Associate Supervisor)

Teaching experience(Tertiary)
30 Years

Administrative responsibilities
School Research Committee Member

Research most recent
Rana R.H., Alam F, Alam K. and Gow J. (2020) Gender-specific differences in care-seeking behaviour among lung cancer patients: a systematic review. Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology 146:1169–1196.

Mahumud R, Alam K, Keramat A, Ormsby G, Dunn J & Gow J. (2020) Cost-effectiveness evaluations of 9-Valent human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine: Evidence from a systematic review. PLoS One

Mahumud R, Keramat A, Ormsby G, Sultana M, Rawal L, Alam K, Gow J and Renzaho A. (2020) Wealth related inequalities of women’s knowledge of cervical cancer screening and service utilization in 18 resource-constrained countries: Evidence from a pooled decomposition analysis. International Journal of Equity in Health 19:42.

Mahumud R, Alam K, Keramat A, Renzaho A, Hossain M, Haque M, Ormsby G, Dunn J & Gow J. (2020) Wealth stratified inequalities in service utilization of breast screening across geographical regions: A Decomposition analysis. Archives of Public Health

Mahumud R, Alam K, Dunn J. and Gow J. (2020) The changing relationship between health burden and work disability of Australian cancer survivors, 2003–2017: evidence from a longitudinal survey. BMC Public Health 20:548.

Mahumud R, Alam K, Dunn J. and Gow J. (2020) The burden of chronic diseases among Australian cancer patients: Evidence from a longitudinal exploration, 2007-2017. PLoS One 15(2):e0228744

Salahuddin M, Vink N, Ralph N and Gow J. (2020) Globalisation, poverty and corruption: Retarding progress in South Africa. Development Southern Africa 37(4):617-643.

Keramat A., Alam K., Gow J and Biddle S. (2020) Job-related Characteristics and Obesity in Australian Employees: Evidence from a Longitudinal Nationally Representative Sample. American Journal of Health Promotion

Salahuddin M., Vink N. Ralph N. and Gow J. (2020) Effects of Economic Growth, FDI and Internet Use on Child Health Outcomes: Empirical Evidence from South Africa. Development Studies Research 7(1):1-17.

Hashmi R, Alam K and Gow J. (2020) Socioeconomic inequalities in mental health in Australia: Explaining life shock exposure. Health Policy 124(1):97-105.

Mahumud R, Gow J, Alam K, Keramat S, Hossain M, Sultana M, Sarker A and Islam S. (2020) Cost-effectiveness of the introduction of two-dose bi-valent (Cervarix) and quadrivalent (Gardasil) HPV vaccination for adolescent girls in Bangladesh. Vaccine 38(2):165-172.

Bromdal A., Clark K., Hughto J., Debattista J., Phillips T. Mullens, A., Gow J. and Daken K. (2019) Whole-incarceration-setting approaches to supporting and upholding the rights and health of incarcerated transgender people. International Journal of Transgenderism 20(4):341-350.

Salahuddin M., Gow J. (2019) Effects of energy consumption and economic growth on environmental quality: evidence from Qatar. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 26:18124–18142.

Maya K., Sarker R. and Gow J. (2019) Factors Influencing Rice Farmers’ Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change and Extreme Weather Event Impacts in Bangladesh. Climate Change Economics 10(3):1-18. 1950012.

Conway A., Gow J., Ralph N., et al. (2019) Implementing a thermal care bundle for inadvertent perioperative hypothermia: A cost-effectiveness analysis. International Journal of Nursing Studies 97:21-27.

Uddin G., Alam K. and Gow J. (2019) Ecological and Economic Growth Interdependency in the Asian Economies: An Empirical Analysis. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 26:13159-13172.

Rana R.H., Alam K. and Gow J. (2019) The impact of immigration on public and out-of-pocket health expenditure in OECD countries. Journal of International Migration and Integration

Mullens A., Daken K., and Gow J. (2019) HIV Point of Care Testing (PoCT) at late-night MSM sex on premises venues (SOPV): A mixed methods analysis. AIDS & Behavior 24:450-466.

Research most notable
Pavel S., Chakrabarty S. and Gow J. (2016) Cost of Illness for Outpatients Attending Public and Private Hospitals in Bangladesh. International Journal for Equity in Health 15:167.

Hasan M., Sarker R., Alam K. and Gow J. (2016) How do Different Varieties of Aman and Boro Rice Yields Respond to Climate Change in Bangladesh? Climate Change Economics 7(3): 165008.

Salahuddin M. and Gow J. (2016) The Effects of Internet Usage, Financial Development and Trade Openness on Economic Growth in South Africa: A Time Series Analysis. Telematics and Informatics 33(4):1141-1154.

Salahuddin M., Gow J. and Ozturk I. (2015) Is the long-run relationship between economic growth, electricity consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and financial development in Gulf Cooperation Council Countries robust? Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 51: 317-326.

Pavel S., Chakrabarty S. and Gow J. (2015) Assessing Health Care Quality Improvements in Bangladesh: A Stated Preference Study. BMC Health Systems Research 15:43.

Salahuddin M. and Gow J. (2014) The Empirical Relationship between Economic Growth, Energy Consumption and Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Gulf States. Energy 73: 44-58

George G., Gow J and Bachoo S. (2013) Understanding the Factors Influencing Health-Worker Employment Decisions in South Africa. Human Resources for Health 11:15.

Gow J., Strauss M. and Whiteside A. (2013) The State of Health Economic Research in South Africa. Pharmacoeconomics 31(3):251-253.

Sarker R., Alam K. and Gow J. (2012) Economic Effects of Climate Change on Rice Yield in Bangladesh: Evidence from Time Series Data. Agricultural Systems 111:11-16.

Gow J. (2009) The adequacy of policy responses to the treatment needs of South Africans living with HIV (1999-2008): a case study. Journal of the International AIDS Society 12:37.

Thurlow J, Gow J, and George G (2009) HIV/AIDS, Growth and Poverty in KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa: An Integrated Survey, Demographic and Economywide Analysis. Journal of the International AIDS Society 12:23.

Mc Coy D., Bennett S., Witter S., Pond B., Baker B., Gow J., Chand S., Ensor T. and McPake B. (2008) Salaries and Incomes of Health Workers in Sub-Saharan Africa. Lancet 371:675-681.

Gow J. and Desmond C. (2007) The Impact of AIDS Epidemic on South Africas Children Chapter 4 in AIDS, Public Policy and Child Well Being. 2nd Edition edited by Giovanni Andrea Cornia, UNICEF Innocenti Centre, Florence, Italy.

Chao L, Pauly M, Szrek H, Sousa Pereira N, Bundred F, Cross C, and Gow J. (2007) Poor health kills small business: Illness and microenterprises in South Africa. Health Affairs 26(2):474-482.

Chao L, Gow J, Akintola O. and Pauly M. (2007) Perceptions of Own Infection, Community HIV Prevalence and Condom Use Among Teachers in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. AIDS and Behavior 11(3):453-462.

Gow J. (2002) The Role of African Political Will or Commitment in Overcoming the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Implications for U.S. Policy. Health Affairs 21(3):57-69.

Gow J. (1999) Costs of Screening for Colorectal Cancer: An Australian Programme. Health Economics 8:531-540.

Publications in ePrints

Williams, Owain D. and Dean, Judith A. and Crothers, Anna and Gilks, Charles F. and Gow, Jeff (2021) Economic evaluation of alternative testing regimes and settings to detect undiagnosed HIV in Australia. BMC Health Services Research, 21:30. pp. 1-12.

Keramat, Syed Afroz and Alam, KhorshedORCID: and Gow, Jeff and Biddle, Stuart J. H.ORCID: (2020) A longitudinal exploration of the relationship between obesity, and long term health condition with presenteeism in Australian workplaces, 2006-2018. PLoS One, 15 (8):e0238260. pp. 1-17.

Smart, Neil A. and Gow, Jeffrey and Blelie, Beatrice and van der Touw, Thomas and Pearson, Melissa J. (2020) An evidence-based analysis of managing hypertension with isometric resistance exercise - are the guidelines current? Hypertension Research, 43 (4). pp. 249-254. ISSN 0916-9636

Odera, Odhiambo and James, Kieran and Scott, Albert and Gow, Jeff (2020) Corporate social responsibility reporting of international oil companies in Nigeria: an historical materialism analysis. International Journal of Ethics and Systems, 36 (1). pp. 131-146. ISSN 2514-9369

Mahumud, Rashidul Alam ORCID: and Alam, KhorshedORCID: and Keramat, Syed Afroz and Ormsby, Gail M. and Dunn, Jeff and Gow, Jeff (2020) Cost-effectiveness evaluations of the 9-Valent human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine: evidence from a systematic review. PLoS One, 15 (6):e0233499. pp. 1-15.

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