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Assoc Prof Dorothy Andrews

Assoc Prof Dorothy Andrews
Name Dorothy Andrews
Position Associate Professor (Education)
Section School of Linguistics, Adult and Specialist Education
Office G304
Location Toowoomba Campus
Phone +61 7 4631 2346
Extension 2346
Qualifications DipEd Newcastle , BA Newcastle , MEdSt Qld , PhD Qld
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Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Specialist Studies in Education not elsewhere classified ( 130399 )
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy not elsewhere classified ( 130299 )

Research interests
School Effectiveness and School Improvement
Organisational Change and Management
Leadership in Schools

Professional memberships
Fellow Australian Council for Educational Leaders (FACELQ)
Fellow Australian Council for Educational Leaders (FACEL)
Fellow Australian Council of Educators (FACE)

Currently teaching courses/programs
EDU8311 Concepts and Theories in Educational Management
EDU8312 Educators as leaders: Emerging perspectives
EDU8314 HR strategies for Innovation
EDU8601 Advanced Studies in Professional Practices

Teaching experience(Tertiary)
10 Years

Teaching experience(Other)
28 Years

Administrative responsibilities
Director Leadership Research (LRI)

Research most recent
Lovett, S., & Andrews, D. (2011). Leadership for Learning: What it means for teachers. In Townsend, T. & MacBeath, J. (Eds.), International Handbook of Leadership for Learning Part Two. Heidelberg, London and New York: Dordrecht (pp. 719-739).
Crowther, F., Andrews, D., & Abawi, L. (2011). The Fourth C-B Dynamic: Micro-Pedagogical Deepening. In Crowther, F., & Associates, From school improvement to sustained capacity: The parallel leadership pathway (Chap. 5, pp. 87-112). Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

Keeffe, M., & Andrews, D. (2011). Students’ Perspectives on Leadership: Interpretations of symbolic, social and cultural capital, Leading & Managing, 17(2), 21-35.

Research most notable
Andrews, D., & Lewis, F (2007) Transforming Practice from within: The power of the Professional Learning Communities, In Louise Stoll & Karen Seashore Louis (Eds) Professional Learning Communities: Divergence, Details and Difficulties. Maidenhead: McGraw Hill/Open University Press.

Andrews, D., & Associates. (2011). Capacity building for sustainable school improvement: An Australian research study. Saarbrucken, Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Muller GmbH & Co. KG.

Andrews, D. and Crowther, F. (2002) Parallel leadership: A clue to the contents of the black box of school reform, International Journal of Educational Management, 16, 1, 152-159.

Andrews, D., & Crowther, F. (2003). Teaching, a Professional whose Time Has Come. In Crowther, F. (Ed). Australian College Year Book 2003: Teachers as Leaders in a Knowledge Society. Deakin West, ACT: Australian College of Educators.

Andrews, D. (2008). Working Together to Enhance School Outcomes: An Australian case study of parallel leadership, Journal of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders (Leading and Managing), 14(2)45-60.

Andrews, D. and Associates, (2004). School Revitalisation: The IDEAS Way, ACEL Monograph Series, No.34, Australian Council for Educational Leaders: Australia

Publications in ePrints

Conway, Joan and Andrews, Dorothy (2016) Leading with moral purpose: teacher leadership in action. In: Leadership in diverse learning contexts. Studies in Educational Leadership (22). Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, pp. 175-200. ISBN 978-3-319-28300-5

Andrews, Dorothy and Abawi, Lindy (2016) Three-dimensional pedagogy: a new professionalism in educational contexts. Improving Schools. pp. 1-19. ISSN 1365-4802

Keeffe, Mary and Andrews, Dorothy (2015) Towards an adolescent friendly methodology: accessing the authentic through collective reflection. International Journal of Research and Method in Education, 38 (4). pp. 357-370. ISSN 1743-727X

Crowther, Frank and Andrews, Dorothy and Conway, Joan M. (2013) Schoolwide pedagogy: vibrant new meaning for teachers and principals. Hawker Brownlow Education, Melbourne, Australia. ISBN 978-1743-30871-4

Andrews, Dorothy and Dawson, Mark and Lewis, Marian (2012) Developing our middle leaders to improve the quality of teaching, learning and classroom outcomes. Project Report. University of Southern Queensland , Toowoomba, Australia. [Report]

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