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Dr Catherine Arden

Dr Catherine Arden
Name Catherine Arden
Position Lecturer (Adult and Vocational Education)
Section School of Linguistics, Adult and Specialist Education
Office G317A
Location Toowoomba Campus
Phone +61 7 4631 2333
Extension 2333
Qualifications BA UNE , GDipFET USQ , MEd USQ , PhD USQ

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Education systems not elsewhere classified ( 130199 )
  • Specialist Studies in Education not elsewhere classified ( 130399 )

Research interests
Informal Learning, Lifelong Learning and Learning Communities
University-Community Engagement
Participatory Action Research and Evaluation
Community Informatics

Professional memberships
Registered Teacher , Qld College of Teachers

Industry affiliations
Member, Adult Learning Australia
Member, Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD)

USQ Research affiliations

  • Institute for Resilient Regions (IRR)
  • Australian Digital Futures Institute (ADFI)

Currently teaching courses/programs
Bachelor of Education
Master of Education
Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching

Teaching experience(Tertiary)
11 Years

Teaching experience(Other)
20 Years

Research most recent
Arden, C. (2016). Learning to create preferred futures: Theorising informal and incidental learning in hybrid community learning spaces. In Australian College of Educators 2016 National Conference Changes and Challenges: Building the World to Which we Aspire, Sydney, 26-27 September, Refereed Conference Proceedings, pp. 38-49. Available from

McDonald, L., & Arden, C. (2015). Community enrichment program: Developing digital learning in rural aged care. Project Report. Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal , Bendigo, VIC, Australia. [Report]

Arden, C.H. (2014). Re-engineering education research: Using phenomenography and variation theory to understand and account for learning in GraniteNet. In L. Stillman & T. Denison (Eds.). Refereed Proceedings, "Challenges and Solutions" 11th Prato CIRN Conference 2014, October 13-15 2014, Monash Centre, Prato Italy. Centre for Community and Social Informatics, Faculty of IT, Monash University. ISBN: 978-0-9874652-3-8

Research most notable
Arden, C.H., & McLachlan, K. (2014). A small town with big ideas: Stories of GraniteNet. In G.D.Postle, & P. A Danaher (Eds.), Community Capacity Building: Lessons from Adult Learning in Australia. UK: NIACE Publications

Arden, C.H., Midgley, W., & Danaher, P.A. (2014). Regionality, rurality and capacity-building. In P.A. Danaher, A. Davies, L. De George-Walker, J.K. Jones, K.J. Matthews, W. Midgley, C.H. Arden, & M. Baguley (Eds). Contemporary capacity-building in educational contexts. (pp. 99-112). London: Palgrave Macmillan

Midgley, W., Arden, C.H., & Matthews, K.M. (2014). Information communication technologies. In M. Baguley, P.A. Danaher, A. Davies, L. De-George-Walker, J.K. Jones, K. Matthews, W. Midgley, & C.H. Arden. (2014) (Eds). Educational learning and development: Building and enhancing capacity. (pp. 67-82). London: Palgrave Macmillan

Arden, C. H., Danaher, P. A., De George-Walker, L., Henderson, R., Matthews, K. J., Midgley, W., Noble, K., & Tyler, M. A. (2012). Analysing approaches to constructing capacities. In P. A. Danaher, L. De George-Walker, R. Henderson, K. J. Matthews, W. Midgley, K. Noble, M. A. Tyler & C. Arden (Eds.), Constructing capacities: Building capacity through learning and engagement (pp. 4-30). Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars.

Arden, C. H., McLachlan, K. M., & Cooper, T. (2010). Flying blind, or going with the flow? Using constructivist evaluation to manage the unexpected in the GraniteNet project. Journal of Community Informatics – Special Edition Prato 2010 Community Informatics Conference. Available from

McLachlan, K., & Arden, C. H. (2009). Community learning projects: Transforming post-compulsory education provision in rural communities. In R. E. Harreveld, G. R. Danaher & P. A. Danaher (Eds.), Sea changes, tree changes and bush lessons: Post-compulsory education and rural renewal. Theme issue of Rural Society, 19(2), 146-162.

Arden, C. H., McLachlan, K. M., & Cooper, T. (2009). Building capacity through sustainable engagement: More lessons for the learning community from the GraniteNet project. Australian Journal of Adult Learning, 4(1), 75-101

Publications in ePrints

Arden, Catherine (2016) An inquiry into learning in rural community informatics: understanding, facilitating and accounting for learning in the GraniteNet Project. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Arden, Catherine (2016) Learning to create preferred futures: theorising informal and incidental learning in hybrid community learning spaces. In: Changes and Challenges: the Power of Education to Build the World to Which We Aspire - ACE 2016 National Conference, 26-27 Sept 2016, Sydney, Austrlaia.

McDonald, Lisa and Arden, Catherine (2015) Community enrichment program: developing digital learning in rural aged care. Project Report. Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal , Bendigo, VIC, Australia. [Report]

Arden, Catherine H. and McLachlan, Kathryn (2014) A small town with big ideas: stories from GraniteNet. In: Community capacity building: lessons from adult learning in Australia. NAICE, Leicester, United Kingdom, pp. 160-176. ISBN 978-1-86201-722-1

Danaher, Patrick Alan and Davies, Andy and De George-Walker, Linda and Jones, Janice K. and Matthews, Karl J. and Midgley, Warren and Arden, Catherine H. and Baguley, Margaret (2014) Contemporary capacity-building in educational contexts. Pivot. Palgrave Macmillan Ltd., Basingstoke, United Kingdom. ISBN 978-1-137-37456-1

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