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Dr Kathryn Reardon-Smith

Name Kathryn Reardon-Smith
Position Research Fellow (Integrated Climate Risk Solutions)
Section Centre for Applied Climate Sciences (Research)
Office TA225
Location Toowoomba Campus
Phone +61 7 4631 2380
Extension 2380
Qualifications MSc Deakin , PhD USQ

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Crop and Pasture Production not elsewhere classified ( 070399 )
  • Agriculture, Land and Farm Management not elsewhere classified ( 070199 )
  • Environmental Science and Management ( 050200 )

Research interests
Floodplain woodland ecosystems
Natural resource management
Climate risk management

Professional memberships
Ecological Society of Australia
Australian Floodplain Association
Wildlife Queensland

USQ Research affiliations

  • Institute for Agriculture and the Environment (IAgE)
  • International Centre for Applied Climate Sciences (ICACS)

Currently teaching courses/programs
AGR2301 Agricultural Science
ENV2201 Land Studies
REN2200 Ecology for Sustainability
REN3301 Biodiversity and Conservation

Teaching experience(Tertiary)
25 Years

Research most recent
Le Brocque, A.F., Kath, J. and Reardon-Smith, K. (2018). Chronic groundwater decline: a multi-decadal analysis of groundwater trends under extreme climate cycles. Journal of Hydrology 561, 976–986.

Nguyen-Ky, T., Mushtaq, S., Loch, A., Reardon-Smith, K., An-Vo, D.-A., Ngo-Cong, D. and Tran-Cong, T. (2017). Predicting water allocation trade prices using a hybrid artificial neural network-Bayesian modelling approach. Journal of Hydrology (11 pp.).

Pandey, S.S., Maraseni, T.N., Reardon-Smith, K. and Cockfield, G. (2017). Analysing foregone costs of communities and carbon benefits in small scale community based forestry practice in Nepal. Land Use Policy 69, 160–166.

Research most notable
Kath, J., Powell, S., Reardon-Smith, K., Elsawah, S., Jakeman, A.J., Croke, B.F.W. and Dyer, F. (2015). Groundwater salinization intensifies drought impacts in forests and reduces refuge capacity. Journal of Applied Ecology 52(5), 1116–1125. DOI: 10.1111/1365-2664.12495.

Moles, A.T., Wallis, I.R., Foley, W.J., Warton, D.I., Stegen, J.C., Bisigato, A.J., Cella-Pizarro, L., Clark, C.J., Cohen, P.S., Cornwell, W.K., Edwards, W., Ejrnaes, R., Gonzales-Ojeda, T., Graae, B.J., Hay, G., Lumbwe, F.C., Magana-Rodriguez, B., Moore, B.D., Peri, P.L., Poulsen, J.R., Veldtman, R., von Zeipel, H., Andrew, N.R., Boulter, S.L., Borer, E.T., Campon, F.F., Coll, M., Farji-Brener, A.G., de Gabriel, J., Jurado, E., Kyhn, L.A., Low, B., Mulder, C.P.H., Reardon-Smith, K., Rodriguez-Velazquez, J., Seabloom, E.W., Vesk, P.A., van Cauter, A., Waldram, M.S., Zheng, Z., Blendinger, P.G., Enquist, B.J., Facelli, J.M., Knight, T., Majer, J.D., Martinez-Ramos, M., McQuillan, P. & Prior, L.D. (2011) Putting plant resistance traits on the map: a test of the idea that plants are better defended at lower latitudes. New Phytologist 191(3), 778-788.

Attwood, S.J., Park, S.E., Maron, M., Collard, S.J., Robinson, D., Reardon-Smith, K.M. & Cockfield, G. (2009) Declining birds in Australian agricultural landscapes may benefit from aspects of the European agri-environment model. Biological Conservation 142 (10), 1981-1991.

Publications in ePrints

Mushtaq, Shahbaz and Kath, Jarrod and Stone, Roger and Henry, Ross and Laderach, Peter and Reardon-Smith, Kathryn and Cobon, David and Marcussen, Torben and Cliffe, Neil and Kristiansen, Paul and Pischke, Frederik (2020) Creating positive synergies between risk management and transfer to accelerate food system climate resilience. Climatic Change. ISSN 0165-0009

Mai, Thanh and Mushtaq, Shahbaz and Loch, Adam and Reardon-Smith, K. and An-Vo, Duc-Anh (2019) A systems thinking approach to water trade: finding leverage for sustainable development. Land Use Policy, 82. pp. 595-608. ISSN 0264-8377

Khair, Syed Muhammad and Mushtaq, Shabaz and Reardon-Smith, Kate and Ostini, Jenny (2019) Diverse drivers of unsustainable groundwater extraction behaviour operate in an unregulated water scarce region. Journal of Environmental Management, 236. pp. 340-350. ISSN 0301-4797

Maraseni, Tek and Reardon-Smith, Kathryn (2019) Meeting national emissions reduction obligations: a case study of Australia. Energies, 12 (3 (438)). pp. 1-13.

Kath, Jarrod and Le Brocque, Andrew and Reardon-Smith, Kathryn and Apan, Armando (2019) Remotely sensed agricultural grassland productivity responses to land use and hydro-climatic drivers under extreme drought and rainfall. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 268. pp. 11-22. ISSN 0168-1923

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Approved research supervisor in the area of:

  • Crop and Pasture Production not elsewhere classified ( 070399 )
  • Agriculture, Land and Farm Management not elsewhere classified ( 070199 )

Research topics