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Student Services and Amenities

Position Name
Meet-Up Leader Mr Ding Abawi
Meet-Up Leader Mr Joseph Allison
Meet-Up Leader Ms Dominique Andrews
Social Performance Officer Miss Kiris Apelt
Social Media Graphic Design Officer Mrs Chelsea Baker
Associate Digital Communication Officer Miss Jessica Baker
Meet-Up Leader Mr Ted Baker
Meet-Up Leader Mr James Beecham
Social Engagement Coordinator Ms Emma Bell
Meet-Up Leader Mr Ji Bowdern
Social Content Officer Mr Nicholas Britnell
Student Enrichment Officer Mrs Liz Cavalli
Meet-Up Leader Mr Matthew Clulow
Student Enrichment Coordinator Mrs Amy Collingwood
Meet-Up Leader Mr Glenn Cook
Meet-Up Leader Ms Vanessa Crouch
Meet-Up Leader Mrs Courtney Dibben
Meet-Up Leader Miss Christine Donkin
Meet-Up Leader Miss Elizabeth Downing
Meet-Up Leader Mrs Larraine Free
Social Engagement Officer Ms Maddison Gangi
Meet-Up Leader Mr Ashley Gartner
Meet-Up Leader Miss Sally Gersekowski
Student Enrichment Officer (Sports and Recreation) Mr Jared Greenstreet
Meet-Up Leader Miss Sophia Harris
Meet-Up Leader Miss Jessica Harrison
Student Enrichment Officer (Student Leadership) Miss Rachel Hennessy
Meet-Up Leader Mr Richard Honan
Student Wellness Advisor Ms Rebecca Hooley
Meet-Up Leader Miss Francesca Horchner
Senior Social Engagement Coordinator Mrs Shontiele Iddles
Student Wellness Advisor Mrs Robyn Idewa Gede
Meet-Up Leader Mrs Shannon Jamieson
College Wellness Educator Mrs Jennifer Jasinski
Meet-Up Leader Ms Nicole Jones
Meet-Up Leader Ms Sana Karash
Meet-Up Leader Ms Rachel Kee
Meet-Up Leader Miss Louise Labudde
Student Enrichment Officer (Clubs and Societies) Mrs Wanita Lawson
Social Engagement Officer Miss Hannah Little
Student Wellness Advisor Mrs Clare Moseley
Meet-Up Leader Mr Troy O'Keeffe
Meet-Up Leader Mr Ashkan Rastegarmanesh
Meet-Up Leader Miss Amber Reid
Meet-Up Leader Mr Byron Reid
Meet-Up Leader Miss Tori Reimer
Social Marketing Coordinator Mrs Sarah Richardson
Student Enrichment Officer (Online Engagement) Mr Nathaniel Roberts
Meet-Up Leader Miss Stephanie Robson
Digital Communication Officer Miss Brianna Rodgers
Meet-Up Leader Miss Kaitlyn Rush
Student Rep Committee Miss Krystle Scott
Meet-Up Leader Miss Dinuki Seneviratne
Meet-Up Leader Mrs Melanie Sienkiewicz-Grob
Meet-Up Leader Miss Lucinda Sterling
Meet-Up Leader Mr Alessandro Tommei
Senior Project Coordinator (Entrepreneurship) Ms Phoebe Tully
Student Enrichment Officer Miss Rachel Watson
Casual Employment Mrs Kym Armytage
Casual Employment Miss Kayley Atkinson
Casual Employment Mrs Remal Azitoni
Casual Employment Miss Makarla Bell
Casual Employment Mrs Fiona Booth
Casual Employment Miss Emma Canning
Casual Employment Miss Dayna Champion
Casual Employment Mrs Sonia Chapman
Casual Employment Mr Andrew Coe
Casual Employment Ms Kelli Crawford
Casual Employment Mr Vahid Ebrahiminejad
Casual Employment Mr Jeffrey Fox
Casual Employment Mrs Janelle Hey
Casual Employment Mr Jason Hunter
Casual Employment Mr Matthew Hurley
Casual Employment Mr Dan Jones
Casual Employment Ms Diane Knezevic
Casual Employment Ms Alix Kwan
Casual Employment Mr Archibald Lendin
Casual Employment Mrs Emily MacManus
Casual Employment Miss Erin McDonald
Casual Employment Mr Lachlan Mears
Casual Employment Miss Cassandra Moore
Casual Employment Mr Tarrant Moss
Casual Employment Miss Calida Neal
Casual Employment Mr Asror Nigmonov
Casual Employment Mr Rod Noendeng
Casual Employment Mrs Heidi Petith
Casual Employment Miss Emily Plant
Casual Employment Mrs Shobna Prasad
Casual Employment Mrs Ramya Praveen
Casual Employment Mrs Patricia Riddle
Casual Employment Miss Ashleigh Rose
Casual Employment Mr Sanerivi Sautia
Casual Employment Mr Adam Schmidt
Casual Employment Mr Saad Shabbir
Casual Employment Miss Keycee Silang
Casual Employment Mr Jonathon Straker
Casual Employment Miss Natalie Tuttle
Casual Employment Miss Landri Van Der Westhuizen
Casual Employment Mrs Judy Williams