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Facilities Management

Position Name
Manager (Client Support) Miss Theresa Alderman
Client Support Specialist Ms Shannan Bilicki
Shuttle Bus Driver Mr Ed Craven
Executive Director (Facilities Management) Mrs Robyn Fallon
Leading Hand (Stores and Distribution) Mr Adam Gollan
Stores and Distributions Officer Mr Ricky Jackson
Director (Facilities Management and Operations) Mr Nathan Jones
Client Support Specialist Mrs Catherine Kelly
Client Support Officer Miss Emma Klein
Shuttle Bus Driver Mr Andrew Margetts
Client Support Specialist Miss Karen Maris
Project Support Officer Miss Eryn McCabe
Fleet Officer Mr Russ Peters
Stores and Distribution Specialist Mr Jimmy Reid
Stores and Distributions Officer Mrs Dee Renbo
Consultant Mr Ramesh Seshadri
Stores and Distribution Officer Mr Charlie Zwoerner
Casual Employment Miss Brittney Kilah
Casual Employment Mr Raymond McGrath
Casual Employment Mr Warren Ward