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Human Resources

Position Name
Executive Director (Human Resources) Ms Angelle Laurence
Director (People and Workforce Strategy) Mrs Trudi Davidson
Director (Employee Relations and Wellness) Ms Kylie McCullagh
Associate Director (Workforce Support and Partnering) Ms Susan Camfferman
Associate Director (Development and Engagement) Mr Brett Johnson
Manager (Human Resources Policy and Change) Mrs Tricia O'Neill
Manager (Diversity and Inclusion) Mrs Renee Stafleu
Manager (Payroll and Systems) Mr Andrew Williams
Senior Rehabilitation Officer Ms Noeline Atterbury
Coordinator (Learning and Development) Ms Linda Bayfield
Senior Employee Relations Advisor Mrs Angela Crichton
Coordinator (Human Resources Partnering) Mr David Fawcett
Senior Payroll Advisor Ms Vearney Frost
Senior Indigenous Workforce Advisor Ms Dianne Lucas
Coordinator (Talent Strategy and Attraction) Mrs Michelle Lynch
Senior Employee Relations Advisor Mr David Madeley
Senior Strategic Support Officer Ms Emily Marsh
Coordinator (Learning and Development) Mrs Angela Nielsen
Senior Diversity and Inclusion Advisor Mrs Caitlin Owen
Human Resources Partner Mrs Michelle Patterson
Senior Employee Engagement Advisor Ms Michelle Pearce
Senior Human Resources Partner Mrs Jessica Stannard
Senior Learning and Development Advisor Ms Sonia Swanepoel
Human Resources Advisor Mrs Tracey Twidale
Learning and Development Advisor Mrs Jessica Welsh
Executive Assistant Mrs Lauren Athorn
Human Resources Support Officer Ms Leah Baldwin
Development and Engagement Officer Mrs Emma Fleming
Payroll Officer Ms Sharon Graydon
Payroll Officer Mr Michael Mortimer
Human Resources Client Services Officer Mrs Anita O'Neill
Human Resources Client Services Officer Ms Kathy Pratap
Consultant Ms Catherine Pugsley
Human Resources Systems Analyst Mrs Katherine Rayner
Human Resources Client Services Officer Miss Sally Redman
Payroll Officer Miss Jade Rochford
Human Resources Client Services Officer Mrs Stacey Saurine
Payroll Officer Mrs Amy Sayeg
Human Resources Client Services Officer Ms Jo Underwood
Executive Assistant Mrs Leandri van Staden
Human Resources Client Services Officer Ms Sue Yonge-Mitchell
Casual Employment Miss Frith Maunder