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Finance and Business Solutions

Position Name
Chief Financial Officer Mr Cliff Kaye
Chief Financial Officer Mr Athol Kerridge
Director (Business Advisory) and Deputy Chief Financial Officer Mr Scott McConnel
Director (Business Services) Mrs Jacqueline Merritt
Director (Financial Services) Mrs Melanie Reimann
Manager (Financial Accounting) Mrs Helen Davies
Manager (Financial Operations) Mr Joe Guerrini
Manager (Procurement) Mr Paul Murray
Manager (Financial Systems) Mr Chris Oosthuizen
Senior Financial Analyst Mrs Anne-Marie Oosthuizen
Lead Business Advisor Mr Rafat Alam
Financial Operations Coordinator (Payables) Mr Amith Chandran
Financial Operations Coordinator (Receivables) Mrs Jayne Charles
Financial Systems Accountant Mr David Dawson
Financial Operations Coordinator (Payables) Mrs Linda Glossop
Financial Accountant Ms Abby Pilcher
Operations Lead Ms Tammy Baird
Senior Support Officer Mrs Cassandra Fraser
Operations Lead Mrs Carolyn McDougall
Procurement Lead Ms Kathy Pemberton
Procurement Lead Mr Greg Reis
Financial Operations Lead (Investments) Mrs Sandra Roberts
Travel Lead Vanessa Scott
Financial Operations Lead (Student Financials System Support) Mrs Kylie Suhr
Procurement Lead Mrs Lucinda Van Bael
Business Partner Mrs Kylie Baker
Purchasing Officer Ms Veronica Blair
Support Officer Mrs Lucy Bowen
Finance Officer (Banking and Receivables) Mrs Collissa Bower
Contracts Officer Ms Vikki Cartwright
Lead Business Advisor Mr James Cornish
Financial Officer (Travel) Mrs Gillian Cowley
Financial Officer (Payables) Mrs Tracey Eastment
Purchasing Officer Mrs Megan Fitzgibbon
Lead Business Advisor Mrs Krystal Holloway
Financial Operations Lead (Student Financials and Receivables) Miss Trish Hooker
Finance Officer (Systems) Ms Kylie Jackson
Contracts Officer Ms Alison Jackson
Business Partner Mrs Danielle Joyce
Financial Officer (Payables) Mr Chris Kiepe
Business Partner Ms Nicola McIntyre
Purchasing Officer Mrs Sandi Newby
Purchasing Officer Mr Scott Nunn
Business Partner Mr Aidan O'Sullivan
Business Support Officer Mrs Jodie Parke
Business Partner Ms Nicole Parry
Business Support Officer Mrs Susan Peacey
Business Partner Mrs Zoe Pinniger
Purchasing Officer Mr Michael Radecker
Purchasing Officer Ms Letitia Robertson
Purchasing Officer Mrs Donna Spratt
Support Officer (Business Services) Mrs Tanya Stockler
Business Partner Mrs Melissa Taylor
Financial Officer (Payables) Mrs Jenni Thistlewood
Finance Officer (Banking and Receivables) Mrs Fiona Vettiger