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HEPPP Administration

Position Name
Outreach Career Development Practitioner Ms Karen Browning
Social Justice Support Officer Ms Alison Day
Project Officer (Online Exams) Miss Amie Dinnes
Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program Project Support Officer Ms Sharlene Gordon
Specified Term/Task Ms Catherine Abraham
Specified Term/Task Mr Purushottam Dhakal
Specified Term/Task Ms Eva Fritz
Specified Term/Task Mrs Shayne Lorac-Moon
Specified Term/Task Dr Gail Ormsby
Specified Term/Task Miss Emily Tynan
Casual Employment Mr Chirag Gandhi
Casual Employment Mr Bradley Howes
Casual Employment Mr Tim Hutton
Casual Employment Mrs Emma Manteufel
Casual Employment Mr Pawel Pohorski
Casual Employment Miss Landri Van Der Westhuizen