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Student Success and Wellbeing

Position Name
Associate Director (Health and Wellness) Mrs Shaunaugh Brady
Industry Relationships Consultant Ms Katie Baker
Scholarships Officer Mrs Sybil Beeson
Wellness Educator Miss Carmen Blacker
Employability Programs Officer Miss Jennifer Burke
Student Relationship Officer Mrs Jillian Campbell
Wellness Educator Ms Diana Cogill
Student Relationship Officer Miss Arlena Day
Manager (Wellness) Mr Shayne Dearling
General Practitioner Dr Jodi Dennis
Volunteer Chaplain Reverend Tom Duncan
Employability Coordinator Mr Rouz Fard
Senior Student Equity Officer Ms Anna Hammond
Career Development Practitioner Mr Michael Healy
Scholarships Officer Ms Yingying Jiang
Departmental Coordinator Mrs Chelsea Koelmeyer
Ms Therese Landers
Career Development Practitioner Ms Jennifer Luke
Student Equity Officer Ms Beverley McCabe
Interim Director (Student Success and Wellbeing) Ms Tessa McCredie
Student Relationship Officer Ms Carolyn Menzies
Assistive Technology Officer Mrs Karen Milne
Lead Career Development Practitioner Mrs Sarah Mitchell
Lead Career Development Practitioner Mrs Deborah Munro
Student Equity Coordinator Mr John Napier
Health Support Officer Mrs Andrea Purcell
Student Equity Officer Mrs Donna Rees
Registered Nurse Mrs Skye Ruka
Nurse Practitioner Mrs Christine Schoenfisch
Wellness Educator Miss Charlotte Scott
Associate Director (Social Justice, Equity and Inclusion) Mr Stephen Seymour
Volunteer Chaplain Mr Andrew Waddell
Chaplain Coordinator Dr Stephen Wanyonyi
Wellness Educator Mr Scott Waters
Student Relationship Officer Mrs Megan Weedon
Volunteer Chaplain Mr Peter Woodward
Casual Employment Miss Katelyn Beresford
Casual Employment Mrs Fiona Booth
Casual Employment Ms Mia Gagarin
Casual Employment Ms Sarah Hawes
Casual Employment Ms Sharon Heeley
Casual Employment Mr Josh Holzheimer
Casual Employment Mrs Emily MacManus
Casual Employment Miss Stephanie Massri
Casual Employment Mr Andrew Mountford
Casual Employment Mr Nicolas Parra Diaz
Casual Employment Miss Isobel Power
Casual Employment Miss Claudine Prior
Casual Employment Miss Keycee Silang
Casual Employment Mr Joshua Waters