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USQ International

Position Name
Director (International Relations and Global Partnerships) Ms Guie Hartney
Director (International Marketing, Admissions and Business Development) Dr Graham Wise
Associate Director (International Governance & Compliance) Mr Phillip Eastment
Associate Director (International Marketing) Mr Satya Shah
International Business Manager Mr Daniel Chin
International Business Manager Dr Adam Lam
Global Education Program Manager Ms Julie Lambert
Manager (International Admissions) Ms Nikita Mehta
Global Education Program Coordinator Miss Sarah Michel
International Digital Marketing and Communications Coordinator Ms Jenny Wang
Pakistan Student Recruitment Mr Jawad Akhtar
Student Recruitment Consultant Ms Renata Balaguer
Senior International Development Officer Ms Ana Borba
In-Country Representative Mr Ankit Danak
International Business Officer (Onshore Recruitment) Ms Farnoush Dank
Visiting Staff Ms Sadia Hanif
Global Education Program Officer (Inbound Study Tours) Ms Soomi Kim
Senior Partner Relationship Officer Ms Rebecca Liao
USQI In-Country Manager for Greater China Mr Lyn Zhuo
Customer Relationship Management Student Relationship Officer Miss Anna Bengston
Student Relationship Officer Mrs Kim Cahill
International Development Officer Mr Brendan Clarke
Student Relationship Officer Mrs Yira Nurey Cortes Mora
Student Relationship Officer (Global Partners) Miss Meg Fearby
Student Relationship Officer Ms Eileen Hjertum
Student Relationship Officer Mrs Sonya Lindenberg
Student Relationship Officer Mrs Helen Phillips
Student Relationship Officer Ms Niyati Raval
Assistant Student Relationship Officer Mrs Avril Smith
Student Relationship Officer Mrs Denise Tedford
Student Relationship Officer Mr Jeremy Tibballs
International Digital Marketing and Communications Officer Mr Joe Treloar
Specified Term/Task Mrs Nguyen Hoang Dy Pham
Casual Employment Ms Kelly Eckers
Casual Employment Ms Elisabetta Rowan
Casual Employment Ms Malianive Seiler
Casual Employment Mr Chad Staunton
Casual Employment Mrs Emma Stone
Casual Employment Ms Gemma Taylor
Casual Employment Ms Jan Tindall
Casual Employment Mrs Tasha Winsor Okeefe