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Student Administrative and Academic Support

Position Name
Director (Student and Academic Support) Mrs Belinda Reimers
Student Experience Coordinator Mrs Melissa Bradey
Manager (Student Systems) Mrs Kristin Humphreys
Senior Policy and Education Services for Overseas Students Compliance Coordinator Miss Deborah Sutton
Examinations Officer Mrs Kathryn Bailey
Functional Analyst Mrs Louise Bland
Compliance and Reporting Coordinator Mr Tim Bowe
Senior Systems Officer (Curriculum Management) Mrs Nicole Brown
Senior Systems Officer (Timetabling) Mrs Angela Chester
Examinations Coordinator Miss Amie Dinnes
Functional Analyst (Training) Mrs Kirsten Ellis
Student Systems Coordinator Mrs Vivienne Formica
Functional Analyst Ms Caroline Jones
Associate Examinations Officer Mrs Kimberlee Kelk
Examinations and Assessments Officer Mr David Lasserre
Functional Analyst Ms Ka Wing Leung
Student Systems Officer (Support) Mr Brian Long
Graduations Officer Ms Lauren McAdam
Functional Analyst Mrs Cath Purcell
Functional Analyst Mrs Kerri Robin
Graduations Officer Miss Jessica Schasser
Functional Analyst Mrs Donna Shaw-Morley
Compliance and Reporting Officer Mr Keith Smith
Senior Examinations Officer Mr Nick Teoh
Graduations Coordinator Ms Chayle Timbs
Senior Functional Analyst Ms Leah Vaz
Specified Term/Task Miss Neve O'Neill
Casual Employment Mrs Allison Jerome
Casual Employment Mrs Anne Low
Casual Employment Mrs Ruth Lucht
Casual Employment Mrs Beverley Peirson
Casual Employment Ms Leonie Stanton
Casual Employment Ms Janice Tonges
Casual Employment Mrs Sue-Anne Winkleman-Molloy