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Centre for Health Research (Research)

td> Dr Suzanne McDonald
Position Name
Casual Employment Mrs Fitria Dwi Andriyani
Casual Employment Mr Oscar Castro Serrano
Casual Employment Ms Helen Cleak
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Regional Health and Mental Health) Dr Fiona Crawford-Williams
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Catherine Demosthenous
Casual Employment Mrs Michelle Engel
Casual Employment Mr Roy Feger
Casual Employment Ms Martelle Ford
Specified Term/Task Mr Kazi Nazmul Haque
Research Fellow (Health Systems and Behaviour)
Casual Employment Dr Rezwanul Rana
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Digital Mental Health Engagement) Miss Arlen Rowe
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Digital Mental Health) Mr Jeremy Russell
Specified Term/Task Dr . Siuly
Research Officer (Digital Mental Health) Ms Genevieve Smith
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Anna Stiller
Visiting Staff Miss Kayley Taaffe
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Digital Mental Health and Assessment) Mrs Kirsty Zieschank
Casual Employment Mr Henry Mann