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Centre for Applied Climate Sciences (Research)

Position Name
Professor (Agricultural Economics and Climate Finance) Professor Shahbaz Mushtaq
Project Officer (Climate) Mr Bruce Alchin
Research Fellow (Climate Prediction) Dr Timothy Cowan
Project Officer (Climate) Mr Peter Crawford
Project Officer (Climate) Miss Elsie Dodd
Snr Research Officer (Agricultural Climate Appplications) Mrs Sally Foreman
Web Developer Mrs Laura Guillory
Project Officer (Climate) Mr Samuel Hart
Senior Research Fellow (Global Model Evaluation and Development) Dr Matthew Hawcroft
Professor (Climate Science) Professor Chris Hewitt
Project Officer (Climate) Mrs Emily Hinds
Project Officer (Climate) Ms Anne Marie Huey
Project Officer (Climate) Mrs Erica Hughes
Research Fellow (Agricultural Climate Research and Applications) Dr Chelsea Jarvis
Research Fellow (Agro-Environmental and Climate Finance) Dr Jarrod Kath
Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Dana Kelly
Research Fellow (Integrated Agricultural-Climate Science Modelling) Dr Louis Kouadio
Senior Research Fellow (Atmospheric Science) Dr Sally Lavender
Project Officer (Climate) Ms Sarah Malloy
Senior Scientist Mr Torben Marcussen
Project Officer (Climate) Mrs Vicki Mayne
Project Officer (Climate) Mrs Alys McKeough
Project Officer (Climate) Mrs Megan Munchenberg
Project Officer (Climate) Mrs Nikki Pilcher
Research Fellow (Extreme Climate Applications)) Dr Christa Pudmenzky
Research Fellow (Integrated Climate Risk Solutions) Dr Kathryn Reardon-Smith
Research Fellow (Climate Prediction) Dr Sharmila Sur
Specified Term/Task Mr Vivekananda Mittahalli Byrareddy
Specified Term/Task Dr Thong Huy Nguyen
Casual Employment Dr Abdurazaq Amar
Casual Employment Dr Thanh Mai
Casual Employment Ms Anu Shantharaju