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Institute for Resilient Regions (Research)

Position Name
Adjunct Professor Professor Marc Corbière
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Regional Health and Mental Health) Dr Fiona Crawford-Williams
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Australian Collaboratory for Career Employability and Learning for Liv Dr Nicole McDonald
Senior Project Officer Miss Zina Ndugwa
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Madeline Romaniuk
Research Assistant Ms Sonya Winterbotham
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Rachel Wong
Specified Term/Task Dr Elham Sayyad Abdi
Casual Employment Ms Narelle Daffurn
Casual Employment Ms Martelle Ford
Casual Employment Mrs Melissa Hall
Casual Employment Mrs Kristy Kavanagh-Dowell
Casual Employment Dr Marian Lewis
Casual Employment Mr Henry Mann
Casual Employment Mrs Amy Shiels
Casual Employment Mrs Susan Taylor