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Student Administration

Position Name
Deputy Academic Registrar and Director (Student Administration) Mrs Belinda Reimers
Associate Director (Student Administration) Mr Clinton Bell
Manager (Assessment Support) Miss Amie Dinnes
Manager (Admission and Program Information Management) Mr James Quinn
Coordinator (Student Knowledge Base) Mr Jeffrey Fox
Coordinator (Progression and Completion) Mrs Cara-Lee Korotun
Coordinator (Enrolment Administration and Support) Ms Zoe Maykin
Coordinator (Admission and Scholarships) Mrs Janine Mortimer
Coordinator (Program Information Management) Mrs Belinda Turner
Senior Program Information Officer (Timetabling) Mrs Angela Chester
Senior Assessment Officer Mrs Kimberlee Kelk
Senior Scholarships Officer Ms Sally Redman
Coordinator (Assessment Support) Miss Annabel York
Senior Enrolment Officer (International) Mr Damien Zekants
Assessment Officer Mrs Kathryn Bailey
Scholarships Officer Mrs Sybil Beeson
Admission Officer Miss Sam Biki
Senior Program Information Officer Mrs Nicole Brown
Progression Officer Mrs Petrina Bruski
Admission Officer Mrs Cindy Chard
Completions Officer Mr Sean Davidson
Enrolment Officer Mrs Gemma Day
Senior Enrolment Officer Mrs Emma Dean
Credit and Exit Officer Ms Mary Downey
Enrolment Officer (International) Miss Elizabeth Downing
Admission Officer Mr Alex Duncan
Senior Progression Officer Mrs Joanne Evans
Progression Officer Ms Melina Flynn
Associate Enrolment Officer Ms Kylie Fowler
Admission Officer Mrs Melissa Glenn
Associate Enrolment Officer Miss Ally Gurner
Enrolment Officer Miss Sapphire Hamill
Senior Enrolment Officer Mrs Carlie Harris
Progression Officer Miss Kris Hobbs
Admission Officer Miss Siobhan Horchner
Senior Enrolment Officer Ms Melissa Hurst
Student Knowledge Base Officer Miss Emily Insch
Admission Officer Ms Leanne Iseppi
Scholarships Officer Ms Yingying Jiang
Senior Admission Officer Mrs Sarah John
Senior Admission Officer Ms Karlee Kuzma
Credit and Exit Officer Mrs Helen Lisle
Program Information Officer Mr Brian Long
Enrolment Officer Ms Caitlin Martin
Enrolment Officer Ms Elise Payne
Scholarships Officer Mrs Andrea Purcell
Admission Officer Miss Rebecca Quinn
Completions Officer Mrs Laura Richards
Progression Officer Mr Aidan Roache
Senior Completions Officer Miss Jessica Schasser
Senior Assessment Officer Mrs Kristy Sheedy
Senior Enrolment Officer Mr Nick Teoh
Admission Officer Mrs Juanita Wicks
Assessment Officer Mr Beau Williams
Enrolment Officer Mrs Yukiko Yoshida
Associate Enrolment Officer Miss Grace Banhidi
Associate Assessment Officer Mr Patrick Costello
Associate Enrolment Officer Mr David Kayira
Associate Assessment Officer Ms Suju Koirala
Associate Assessment Officer Miss Dhruti Mehta
Associate Assessment Officer Ms Jordan Moyle
Associate Enrolment Officer Miss Abbey Weston
Associate Enrolment Officer Mrs Gina Yong