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Office for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching

Position Name
Director (Advancement of Learning and Teaching) Professor Shelley Kinash
Associate Director (Program Quality and Enhancement) Dr Sara Hammer
Manager (Learning Analytics) Dr Angela Murphy
Manager (Open Educational Practice) Mr Adrian Stagg
Manager (Educational Futures) Mr Bill Wade
Program Development Consultant Dr Peter Ayriss
Educational Developer Ms Christine Bassett
Educational Designer Ms Susan Bown
Educational Designer Mrs Cathy Cameron
Graphic Designer Mrs Sian Carlyon
Graphic Designer Mr Alex Charchar
Educational Designer Mr Russell Crank
Honorary Research Fellow Dr Joanne Doyle
Photographer Ms Katie Finn
Developer Mr Shane Gadsby
Animator/Developer Ms Nicole Heard
Educational Designer Mr Roderick Huggett
Coordinator (Awards and Grants) Mrs Janice Kann
Workflow Coordinator (Multimedia/Photography) Ms Zoe Lynch
Media Producer Dr Daniel Maddock
Workflow Coordinator (Graphics) Mrs Tara Mann
Photographer Mr David Martinelli
Program Development Consultant Dr Amanda McCubbin
Graphic Designer Ms Alison McDonald
Honorary Associate Professor Assoc Prof Jacquie McDonald
Workflow Coordinator (Graphics) Mr Tony McLachlan
Producer Mr Ben Meares
Workflow Coordinator (Production) Mr Jason Myatt
Support Officer Miss Kyla Newman
Professional Learning Consultant Ms Trisha Poole
Support Officer Mrs Beverley Radke
Photographer Mrs Anna Singleton
Workflow Coordinator (Production) Mr Luke Stephenson
Educational Designer Mrs Cathy Tame
Educational Developer Mrs Deborah Thomas
Producer Mr Brad Wall
Specified Term/Task Mr Michael Fleming
Specified Term/Task Mr Lachlan Mears
Specified Term/Task Mrs Andrea Reid
Specified Term/Task Dr Jasmine Thomas