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College for Indigenous Studies, Education and Research

Position Name
Head (College for Indigenous Studies, Education and Research) Professor Tracey Bunda
IAS Tutor Ms Mary Abbot
IAS Tutor Ms Glenys Baldwin
IAS Tutor Mrs Daniela Benea
Indigenous Student Liaison Officer Mrs Naomi Bruggmann
Indigenous Student Success and Support Officer Mr Jade Carroll
IAS Tutor Mr Jason Castro
IAS Tutor Ms Danyelle Cowan
IAS Tutor Mr Peter D'Arcy
IAS Tutor Mrs Skye Eaton
IAS Tutor Mrs Emily Fidirikkos
Operational Support Officer Miss Esther Garcia
Senior Lecturer (CISER) Dr Kathryn Gilbey
IAS Tutor Ms Mary-Anne Goldsbrough
IAS Tutor Mr Nishit Gupta
Senior Lecturer (Indigenous Studies) Dr Robyn Heckenberg
Lecturer Dr Sadie Heckenberg
Lecturer (Indigenous Education) Dr Melitta Hogarth
IAS Tutor Dr Olive Hood
IAS Tutor Mr Md. Akhtar Hossain
IAS Tutor Ms Tina Jackson
IAS Tutor Mr Robert Johnson
IAS Tutor Mrs Joanne Johnson
IAS Tutor Mrs Nadine Kamel
IAS Tutor Mr Bryan Kimbley
Senior Operational Support Officer Ms Rebecca Klein
Indigenous Outreach and Engagement Officer Ms Emily Montgomery
IAS Tutor Ms Tracie Morrison
IAS Tutor Ms Penelope Muller
IAS Tutor Ms Emily Myatt
Senior Indigenous Outreach and Engagement Officer Miss Yvonne O'Neill
Associate Indigenous Student Liaison Officer Miss Amanda Oliver
IAS Tutor Mr Jake Orman
Coordinating Indigenous Student Support and Success Officer Mrs Laurie-anne Parsons
IAS Tutor Miss Virginia Rabeling
IAS Tutor Ms Tammy Rasmussen
IAS Tutor Dr Taritda Reale
IAS Tutor Ms Cathy Rosetta
IAS Tutor Dr Mohammad Hizam Shah Rusmi
IAS Tutor Ms Allka Sewram
IAS Tutor Mr Davi Silveira de Abreu
IAS Tutor Mrs Stephany Steggall
IAS Tutor Mr Michael Stockwell
IAS Tutor Mrs Tammera Uren
IAS Tutor Ms Christine Young
Specified Term/Task Miss Janette Lingwoodock
Specified Term/Task Miss Maddison Pashley
Casual Employment Ms Shay-Lee Aitken
Casual Employment Ms Cheryl Alsemgeest
Casual Employment Mrs Kerry Bayfield
Casual Employment Mr Christiaan De Vreeze
Casual Employment Mrs Emma Dunlop
Casual Employment Mr Roy Feger
Casual Employment Ms Vanessa Fisher
Casual Employment Miss Jade Gould
Casual Employment Mr Finian Heckenberg
Casual Employment Ms Rachel Jacobson
Casual Employment Dr Eva McRae-Williams
Casual Employment Mr William Rutherford
Casual Employment Ms Melanie Syron
Casual Employment Mrs Margaret Ting
Casual Employment Ms Kate Zizys