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School of Linguistics, Adult and Specialist Education

Position Name
Head of School (Linguistics, Adult and Specialist Education) Professor Shirley O'Neill
Lecturer (Education) Mrs Betty Adcock
Associate Professor (Education) Assoc Prof Dorothy Andrews
Senior Lecturer (Adult and Vocational Education) Dr Catherine Arden
Adjunct Professor Assoc Prof James Athanasou
Honorary Associate Professor Assoc Prof Jon Austin
Lecturer (Applied Linguistics) Dr Gavin Austin
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Ken Avenell
Lecturer (Special Education) Dr Kay Ayre
Associate Professor (Arts Education, Curriculum and Pedagogy) Assoc Prof Margaret Baguley
Casual Academic Dr Cheryl Bauman
Senior Lecturer (Sport, Health and Physical Education) Dr Annette Bromdal
Lecturer (Human Development, Wellbeing and Counselling) Miss India Bryce
Lecturer (Education) Dr Susan Carter
Lecturer (Education) Ms Tonia Chalk
Lecturer (Special Education) Ms Tracey Chamlin
Lecturer (Health and Physical Education) Miss Melisa Chong
Lecturer (Education) Dr David Cleaver
Associate Professor (School Pedagogies) Assoc Prof Joan Conway
Adjunct Professor Dr Antonia Darder
Associate Professor (Applied Language) Assoc Prof Ann Dashwood
Academic Supervisor Dr Karel de Laat
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Kenneth Fasching-Varner
Senior Lecturer (Professional Studies) Dr Lee Fergusson
Senior Lecturer (Special Education - Mathematics) Dr Rahul Ganguly
Lecturer (Special Education) Mrs Karen Glasby
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Pamela Harvey
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Mitchell Hewitt
Honorary Senior Lecturer Dr Janice Jones
Academic Supervisor Dr David Kettle
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Govind Krishnamoorthy
Lecturer (Educational Counselling) Ms Nicole Maden
Senior Lecturer (Education) Dr Jacinta Maxwell
Professor Professor Peter McIlveen
Academic Supervisor Dr Geoff McNulty
Honorary Associate Professor Assoc Prof Warren Midgley
Honorary Senior Lecturer Dr Bruce Millett
Lecturer (Wellbeing, Counselling and Human Development) Mr Mark Oliver
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Harsha Perera
Lecturer (Educational Counselling) Dr Yosheen Pillay
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Mr Brett Pointing
Adjunct Associate Professor Assoc Prof Michael Sankey
Academic Supervisor Dr Joane Serrano
Associate Professor (Applied Linguistics and TESOL) Assoc Prof Jeong-Bae Son
Lecturer (Health and Physical Education) Dr Brendan SueSee
Senior Lecturer (Education) Dr Nicole Todd
Professor (Educational Leadership) Professor Karen Trimmer
Senior Lecturer (Professional Studies) Dr Luke Van Der Laan
Associate Professor (Special Education) Assoc Prof Henriette van Rensburg
Lecturer (Health and Physical Education) Ms Susan Wilson-Gahan
Specified Term/Task Mr Darren Dickson
Specified Term/Task Ms Alison Noller
Casual Employment Mrs Cecily Andersen
Casual Employment Ms Nicole Bairstow
Casual Employment Mrs Sophie Baker
Academic Supervisor Dr Shayne Baker
Casual Employment Dr Naomi Barnes
Casual Employment Mrs Ros Baumann
Casual Employment Mrs Bronwyn Bennett
Academic Supervisor Dr Anna Bonshek
Casual Employment Mrs Jennifer Bos
Academic Supervisor Dr Russell Briese
Casual Employment Mrs Sally Bryant
Academic Supervisor Dr Tim Cadman
Casual Employment Mr Alan Cappleman
Casual Employment Mrs Esme Carl
Casual Employment Dr Rhonda Coopes
Casual Employment Mr Robert Curtin
Casual Employment Mrs Leanne Dickson
Casual Employment Mrs Genevieve Duncan
Casual Employment Ms Eleanor Durrance
Academic Supervisor Mr Troy Dux
Casual Employment Miss Courtney Feldman
Casual Employment Mrs Michelle Gault
Casual Employment Mr Wayne Greensill
Casual Employment Dr Jillian Guy
Casual Employment Ms Cherie Hatchman
Casual Employment Dr Vineetha Hewagodage
Casual Employment Dr Sophia Imran
Academic Supervisor Professor Sohail Inayatullah
Casual Employment Ms Nicole Johns
Casual Employment Ms Nadine Johnston
Casual Employment Mr Christopher Jones
Casual Employment Dr Annabelle Leve
Casual Employment Dr Michael McCarthy
Casual Employment Mrs Belinda McManus
Academic Supervisor Dr Jenny Ostini
Casual Employment Dr Reshma Parveen
Casual Employment Ms Kaye Picton
Casual Employment Mrs Lisa Purcell
Academic Supervisor Mr Aldo Raineri
Casual Employment Ms Kathryn Riley
Casual Employment Mr Dave Robinson
Academic Supervisor Dr Phillip Rutherford
Casual Employment Mrs Sally Ryan
Casual Employment Ms Krystal Schaffer
Academic Supervisor Dr Anna Tynan
Casual Employment Ms Jasmine Upton
Casual Employment Ms Claudia Vasquez
Casual Employment Mrs Kirsty Watts
Casual Employment Dr Jason Wong