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Strategic Academic Projects

Position Name
Director (Academic Plan Technologies Portfolio) Mr Rob Moloney
Program Manager (Student Support and Advising) Mr Daniel Chalker
Associate Professor (Speech Pathology) Assoc Prof Deb James
Program Manager (Academic Product Information Management) Dr Pete Muir
Data Engineer Mr Jamil Boashash
Senior Business Analyst Mr Stephen Carlyon
Senior Functional Analyst Mrs Melodie Gribben
Project Officer (Academic Plan) Dr Megan Axelsen
Project Officer (Academic Plan) Mrs Lisa Biddle
Senior Functional Analyst (Academic Plan Technologies - Student Support and Advising) Mr Toby Birch
Strategic Communications and Change Lead (Academic Plan Technologies Portfolio) Mrs Susan Brosnan
Senior Functional Analyst (Academic Plan Technologies - Campus Solutions) Miss Stephanie Buckley
Project Coordinator (Academic Calendar) Mr Clinton Caudell
Senior Support Officer (Credit and Recognition) Mrs Clarissa Cook-Watkins
Project Coordinator (Academic Calendar) Mrs Melanie Coultas
Operational Support Officer Mr Sean Davidson
Project Support Officer (Academic Plan Technologies Portfolio) Ms Liz Eden
Associate Professor (Social Work and Human Services) Assoc Prof Niki Edwards
Project Officer (Academic Plan) Mr Jonathan Fawcett
Project Officer (Academic Plan) Ms Jenny Galligan
Professor (Speech Pathology) Professor Bernice Mathisen
Senior Business Analyst (Academic Plan Technologies - Customer Relationship Management) Mrs Rebecca Moorhouse
Program Manager (Academic Plan Technologies) Mrs Fiona Myatt
Project Officer (Academic Plan) Ms Narelle Peach
Senior Business Analyst (Academic Plan Technologies) Mr Lachlan Peden
Senior Insights Analyst Mr Pawel Pohorski
Senior Lecturer (Recognition of Prior Learning) Dr Carol Quadrelli
Project Lead (Academic Calendar Transformation) Ms Tracey Rasheed
Lecturer (Occupational Therapy) Ms Veronika Schreiber
Curriculum Designer Dr Ian Stoodley
Professor (Occupational Therapy) Professor Jenny Strong
Functional Analyst Mr Nicholas Walmsley
Casual Employment Miss Mellisa McBey