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Professor Hao Wang

Professor Hao Wang
Name Hao Wang
Position Professor (Materials and Manufacturing)
Section School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Office B427
Location Springfield Campus
Phone +61 7 3470 4102
Extension 4102
Qualifications GCertEd Qld , PhD Qld
Languages Chinese (accredited translator)

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Construction Materials ( 090503 )
  • Energy Generation, Conversion and Storage Engineering ( 091305 )
  • Functional Materials ( 091205 )
  • Composite and Hybrid Materials ( 091202 )
  • Composite And Hybrid Materials ( 401602 )
  • Energy Generation ( 401703 )
  • Functional Materials ( 401605 )
  • Construction Materials ( 400505 )
  • Mechanical Engineering ( 401700 )
  • Materials Engineering ( 401600 )
  • Civil Engineering ( 400500 )

Research interests
Hao Wang is currently the Professor for Materials and Manufacturing at USQ and the Leader of USQ Materials RPT (Research Program Team). He was previously the Director of Centre for Future Materials, USQ. Professor Wang received his PhD in Materials Engineering from UQ in 2001, and continued his ARC Postdoctoral Fellowship at UQ. He then joined USQ in 2006. Professor Wang is currently USQ ERA Expert Group member. He was also UQ Honorary Professor. Professor Wang has been selected as the member of the ARC College of Experts in 2017.

Professor Wang's research focuses in three main areas:
- Composite materials, particularly flame retardants and high performance polymers;
- Cement/concrete materials, particularly geopolymer and ultra-high performance concrete;
- Energy materials, particularly solid oxide fuel cells.

In the last several years, as the Chief Investigator, he has succeeded in winning competitive ARC grants (including DP, LP, LIEF and Fellowships), CRC program, Advance Queensland grants, Innovation Connection grants, and a number of USQ grants. Professor Wang has contributed over 200 journal publications (including Advanced Materials, Macromolecules, Composites Science and Technology, Cement and Concrete Research, etc.) with h-index 54 and citation over 10,000, and delivered over 40 plenary/keynote/invited presentations. He is serving as Editor-in-Chief for Composites Part B: Engineering (the world No 1 journal in composite area with Impact Factor 6.86); Editor for Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering; and Editorial Board Member for Journal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials. Professor Wang has developed many research links with international renowned scientists in China, UK and USA. He has established the China-Australia Institute for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing between USQ and Jiaxing University in China and served as the Excutive Director.

Professional memberships
Member of ARC College of Experts
Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia (FIEAust)
Fellow of Queensland Academy of Arts & Sciences

Industry affiliations
Editor-in-Chief of Composites Part B: Engineering (IF=6.86, world No 1 journal in composite materials)
Editor of Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering (Taylor & Francis)
Editorial Board member of Journal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials (Taylor & Francis)
Editorial Board member of Special Casting & Nonferrous Alloys

USQ Research affiliations

  • Centre for Future Materials (CFM)

Currently teaching courses/programs
MEC2202, Manufacturing Processes
MEC3204, Production Engineering

Teaching experience(Tertiary)
20 Years

Administrative responsibilities
USQ Academic Board member
USQ Research Committee member
USQ ERA Expert Group member
Theme Leader of Functional Materials, USQ Centre for Future Materials

Research most recent
1. P Song, Hao Wang*, "High-Performance Polymeric Materials through Hydrogen-Bond Cross-Linking", Advanced Materials, 1901244, 2019
2. H Yang, B Yu, P Song, C Maluk, Hao Wang*, "Surface-coating engineering for flame retardant flexible polyurethane foams: A critical review", Composites Part B: Engineering 176, 107185, 2019
3. Z Zhang, Y Zhu, H Zhu, Y Zhang, JL Provis, Hao Wang*, "Effect of drying procedures on pore structure and phase evolution of alkali-activated cements", Cement and Concrete Composites 96, 194-203, 2019
4. M Hong, ZG Chen, L Yang, YC Zou, MS Dargusch, Hao Wang, J Zou, "Realizing zT of 2.3 in Ge1- x- ySbxInyTe via Reducing the Phase-Transition Temperature and Introducing Resonant Energy Doping", Advanced Materials, 1801837, 2018

Research most notable
1. P Song, Z Xu, MS Dargusch, ZG Chen, Hao Wang, Q Guo, "Granular Nanostructure: A Facile Biomimetic Strategy for the Design of Supertough Polymeric Materials with High Ductility and Strength", Advanced Materials 29 (46), 2017, (IF=21.95)
2. P Song, J Dai, G Chen, Y Yu, Z Fang, W Lei, S Fu, Hao Wang*, ZG Chen, "Bioinspired Design of Strong, Tough, and Thermally Stable Polymeric Materials via Nanoconfinement", ACS Nano 12 (9), 9266-9278, 2018 (IF=13.71)
3. S Liu, ZP Fang, HQ Yan, VS Chevali, Hao Wang*, "Synergistic flame retardancy effect of graphene nanosheets and traditional retardants on epoxy resin", Composites: Part A, 89, 26–32, 2016
4. XY Zhuang, L Chen, S Komarneni, CH Zhou, DS Tong, HM Yang, WH Yu, Hao Wang, "Fly Ash-based Geopolymer: Clean Production, Properties and Applications", J Cleaner Production, 125, 253-267, 2016
5. Hao Wang*, P. Schubel, X. Yi, J. Zhu, C. Ulven, Y. Qiu, "Green Composite Materials", edited special issue for Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, 2015
6. Z.H. Zhang*, J.L. Provis, A. Reid, Hao Wang*,"Fly ash-based geopolymers: the relationship between composition, pore structure and Efflorescence", Cement and Concrete Research, 64, 30-41, 2014
7. Z. Zhang, J.L.Provis, A. Reid, Hao Wang*, "Geopolymer foam concrete: an emerging material for sustainable construction", Construction and Building Materials, 56, 113-127, 2014
8. Z Wang, X Zhang, RG Wang, HL Kang, B Qiao, J Ma, LQ Zhang, Hao Wang, "Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Soybean-Oil-Based Elastomers with Favorable Processability and Tunable Properties", Macromolecules, 45 (22), 9010–9019, 2012
9, H Wang*, JL Provis, "Development of Sustainable Cements and Concretes", edited special issue for Journal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials, 1 (4), 2012
10. H.S. Ku*, H. Wang*, N. Pattarachaiyakoop, M. Trada, "A review on the tensile properties of natural fibre reinforced polymer composites". Composites Part B: Engineering, 42, 856-873, 2011 (Citation >1270).

Publications in ePrints

Wang, Zhanke and Ge, LeiORCID: and Feng, Desheng and Jiang, Zongrui and Wang, Hao and Li, Mengran and Lin, Rijia and Zhu, Zhonghua (2021) Crystal Facet Engineering of Copper-Based Metal−Organic Frameworks with Inorganic Modulators. Crystal Growth & Design, 21 (2):122031. pp. 926-934. ISSN 1528-7483

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Zhou, Wenfeng and Rao, Yuan and Zhuang, Wei and Ge, LeiORCID: and Lin, Rijia and Tang, Ting and Wu, Jinglan and Li, Ming and Yang, Pengpeng and Zhu, Chenjie and Wang, Hao and Ying, Hanjie (2021) Improved enzymatic activity by oriented immobilization on graphene oxide with tunable surface heterogeneity. Composites Part B: Engineering, 216:108788. ISSN 1359-8368

Srinivasamurthy, Lakshmikanth and Chevali, Venkata S.ORCID: and Zhang, Zuhua and Wang, Hao (2021) Phase changes under efflorescence in alkali activated materials with mixed activators. Construction and Building Materials, 283:122678. pp. 1-13.

Huo, Siqi and Song, PinganORCID: and Yu, Bin and Ran, Shiya and Chevali, VenkataORCID: and Liu, Lei and Fang, Zhengping and Wang, Hao (2021) Phosphorus-containing flame retardant epoxy thermosets: Recent advances and future perspectives. Progress in Polymer Science, 114:101366. pp. 1-36. ISSN 0079-6700

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