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Dr Xiaolei Shi

Dr Xiaolei Shi
Name Xiaolei Shi
Position Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Flexible Thermoelectric Materials)
Section Centre for Future Materials (Research)
Location Springfield Campus
Qualifications BEng USTB , MEng USTB , PhD Qld

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Functional Materials ( 091205 )
  • Functional Materials ( 401605 )
  • Materials Engineering ( 401600 )

Publications in ePrints

Chen, Hua-Jun and Yang, Yan-Ling and Zou, Xin-Xin and Shi, Xiao-LeiORCID: and Chen, Zhi-GangORCID: (2022) Flexible hollow TiO2@CMS/carbon-fiber van der Waals heterostructures for simulated-solar light photocatalysis and photoelectrocatalysis. Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 98. pp. 143-150. ISSN 1005-0302

Liang, Lirong and Lv, Haicai and Shi, Xiao-LeiORCID: and Liu, Zhuoxin and Chen, Guangming and Chen, Zhi-GangORCID: and Sun, Guoxing (2021) A flexible quasi-solid-state thermoelectrochemical cell with high stretchability as an energy-autonomous strain sensor. Materials Horizons, 8. ISSN 2051-6347

Meng, Weixu and Liu, Xingjiang and Song, Haoqiang and Xie, Yu and Shi, XiaoleiORCID: and Dargusch, Matthew and Chen, Zhi-GangORCID: and Tang, Zhiyong and Lu, Siyu (2021) Advances and challenges in 2D MXenes: from structures to energy storage and conversions. Nano Today, 40:101273. ISSN 1748-0132

Cao, Tianyi and Shi, Xiao-LeiORCID: and Zou, Jin and Chen, Zhi-GangORCID: (2021) Advances in conducting polymer-based thermoelectric materials and devices. Microstructures, 1:2021007. pp. 1-33.

Bi, Yaxin and Yang, Yanling and Shi, Xiao-LeiORCID: and Feng, Lei and Hou, Xiaojiang and Ye, Xiaohui and Zhang, Li and Suo, Guoquan and Chen, Jingeng and Chen, Zhi-GangORCID: (2021) Bi2O3/BiVO4@Graphene Oxide van der Waals Heterostructures with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity toward Oxygen Generation. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 593. pp. 196-203. ISSN 0021-9797

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Approved research supervisor in the area of:

  • Functional Materials ( 091205 )
  • Functional Materials ( 401605 )