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Professor Tek Maraseni

Professor Tek Maraseni
Name Tek Maraseni
Position Professor (Environmental Science and Management)
Section Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Systems (Operations)
Office Q525
Location Toowoomba Campus
Phone +61 7 4631 2995
Extension 2995
Qualifications BSc Tribhuvan , MSc Asian IT , PhD USQ
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Dr Maraseni completed a double BSc (Science and Forestry) in Nepal, an MSc (Natural Resources Management) in Thailand, where he was awarded a gold medal for his MSc (GPA 4/4), and a PhD (Natural Resources Management and Environmental Economics) in Australia. His PhD project focused on the dynamism of reforestation activities in the face of carbon trading. Working with the Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation in Nepal (1991-2002), he engaged with several policy makers and timber and non-timber value chain actors. He had the title of ¿best officer¿ for two consecutive years (1998/1999) for his highly reputed concept of ¿memorial plantations¿. He is currently an Associate Professor in Natural Resources Management and Environmental Economics at University of Southern Queensland (USQ) and also a senior international scientist with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in China. With over 25 years of research experience in the forestry sector in several countries; he is currently leading various forestry related projects in ten different countries: (1) timber value chain analysis in Vietnam and Laos (funded by ACIAR, ADP/2014/047); (2) development of governance standards for REDD+ in PNG (funded by ITTO, Japan); (3) development of governance standards REDD+ in Nepal (funded by IGES, Japan); (4) development of governance standards for community based forest management system in Nepal, Bhutan, India and Myanmar (Funded by Norwegian Government); (5) development of forest reference levels for REDD+ in Fiji (funded by World Bank); (6) comparison of international household carbon emissions (funded by Chinese Academy of Sciences, China); and (7) carbon sequestration potential of different land use systems (funded by NSW Government). Dr Maraseni has produced over 130 publications including four books in the last ten years. His publications have had an impact at several levels, from local and regional agricultural and forestry communities to global research networks. His research work has been recognized through several national and international awards/fellowships including: (1) Research Excellence Award from USQ in 2009 and 2014; (2) ¿Senior International Scientist¿ award from the Chinese Academy of Sciences 2013; and (3) ¿Climate Change Professional Fellows¿ award from the US State Department 2011. His international reputation is substantial, and he is routinely invited to participate in high level policy and research bodies. These include: presentations to UNFCCC (COPs), World Forestry Congress, IUFROs and the US Congress on ¿Climate Change Professional Fellows¿; the IPCC Soil Data Management Group; UN REDD+ Expert Group on Forest Governance Data Collection; and reviewing duty for high profile journals, PhD theses and granting bodies. He has co-supervised nine PhD students to completion and currently enjoying editorship with the three international journals.

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Environmental Science and Management not elsewhere classified ( 050299 )
  • Crop and Pasture Production not elsewhere classified ( 070399 )
  • Agricultural Land Management ( 070101 )

Research interests
Carbon management, forestry,carbon trading, natural resources management

Professional memberships
Life Member - Nepal Foresters’ Association;
Member –US Government Climate Change Professional Fellows Alumni Association;
Senior International Scientist – Chinese Academy of Sciences, China ;
Member- Dissertation Initiative for the Advancement of Climate Change Research Alumni, USA
Member- University of Southern Queensland Alumni Association; and
Life Member - Asian Institute of Technology Alumni Association

Industry affiliations
Senior International Scientist – Chinese Academy of Sciences, China ; and
Visiting Professor: Chinese Academy of Sciences (Lanzhou), China

USQ Research affiliations

  • Institute for Agriculture and the Environment (IAgE)
  • International Centre for Applied Climate Sciences (ICACS)
  • Australian Centre for Sustainable Business and Development (ACSBD)
  • Australian Digital Futures Institute (ADFI)

Research most recent
Maraseni, T.N. and Cockfield, G (2014). The financial implications of converting farmland to state-supported environmental plantings in the Darling Downs region, Queensland, Agricultural System (accepted)

Maraseni, TN and Pandey, S.S. (2014) Can vegetation types work as an indicator of soil organic carbon? An insight from native vegetation in Nepal. Ecological Indicators, 46, 31-322

Maraseni, T.N., Neupane, P., Lopez-Casero, F., Cadman, T. (2014) An assessment of the impacts of the REDD+ pilot project on community forests user groups (CFUGs) and their community forests in Nepal, Journal of Environmental Management, 136 (2014) 37-46

Research most notable
Maraseni, T.N., S. Mushtaq and J. Maroulis (2009).Greenhouse gas emissions from rice farming inputs: a cross country assessment. Journal of Agricultural Science, Cambridge University Press, 147, 17-126.

Maraseni, T.N., G. Cockfield and J. Maroulis (2010). An assessment of greenhouse gas emissions: Implications for the Australian cotton industry, Journal of Agricultural Science Cambridge University Press 148, 501–510

Maraseni, T.N., Cockfield G (2011). Crops, cows or timber? Including carbon values in land use choices', Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 140, 280-288

Maraseni, T.N and Cockfield G (2011). Does the adoption of zero tillage reduce greenhouse gas emissions? An assessment for the grains industry in Australia, Agriculture Systems, 104, 451-458

Maraseni, TN., Mushtaq, S and Reardon-Smith, K (2012) climate change, water security and the need for integrated policy development: the case of on-farm infrastructure investment in the Australian Irrigation Sector, Environmental Research Letter, 7, 1-12

Gentle, P and Maraseni, TN (2012) Climate change, poverty and livelihoods: Adaptation practices by rural mountain communities in Nepal, Environmental Science and Policy, 21, 24-34

Maraseni, T.N., Cockfield, G (2012) Including the costs of water and greenhouse gas emissions in a reassessment of the profitability of irrigation. Agriculture Water Management, 103, 25-32.

Publications in ePrints

Laudari, Hari Krishna and Aryal, Kishor and Maraseni, Tek (2020) A postmortem of forest policy dynamics of Nepal. Land Use Policy, 91 (Article - 104338). pp. 1-13. ISSN 0264-8377

Poudyal, Bishnu Hari and Maraseni, Tek and Cockfield, Geoff (2020) An assessment of the policies and practices of selective logging and timber utilisation: A case study from natural forests of Tarai Nepal and Queensland Australia. Land Use Policy, 91 (Article 104422). pp. 2-12. ISSN 0264-8377

Acharya, Ram Prasad and Maraseni, Tek Narayan and Cockfield, Geoff (2020) An Ecosystem Services Valuation Research Framework for Policy Integration in Developing Countries: A Case Study from Nepal. Sustainability, 12 (19):8250. pp. 1-15. ISSN 2071-1050

Acharya, Ram Prasad and Maraseni, Tek and Cockfield, Geoff (2020) Assessing the financial contribution and carbon emission pattern of provisioning ecosystem services in Siwalik forests in Nepal: Valuation from the perspectives of disaggregated users. Land Use Policy, 95:104647. pp. 1-11. ISSN 0264-8377

Devkota, Rohini and Bhattarai, Utsav and Devkota, Laxmi and Maraseni, Tek Narayan (2020) Assessing the past and adapting to future floods: a hydro-social analysis. Climatic Change. pp. 1-18. ISSN 0165-0009

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