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Professor Roger Stone

Professor Roger Stone
Name Roger Stone
Position Director (Centre for Applied Climate Sciences)
Section Centre for Applied Climate Sciences (Operations)
Office TA123
Location Toowoomba Campus
Phone +61 7 4631 2736
Extension 2736
Qualifications DipAppSc RMIT , BA(Hons) Qld , PhD Qld

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Environmental Science and Management not elsewhere classified ( 050299 )
  • Atmospheric Sciences not elsewhere classified ( 040199 )

Research interests
Climate modelling, climate forecasting, integrated climate-agricutural-financial-water resource modelling

Professional memberships
Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society.
Professional Member of the American Meteorological Society.
Member of the American Geophysical Union.
Member of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society.
Fellow of the Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences

Industry affiliations
Chair, UN Commission for Agricultural Meteorology, Open Program Area Group on Climate Variability, Climate Change and Extreme Weather Impacts on Agriculture.

USQ Research affiliations

  • Institute for Agriculture and the Environment (IAgE)
  • Institute for Resilient Regions (IRR)
  • International Centre for Applied Climate Sciences (ICACS)

Teaching experience(Tertiary)
25 Years

Teaching experience(Other)
25 Years

Administrative responsibilities
Director, Australian Centre for Sustainable Catchments

Research most recent
Stone, R.C. (2014) ‘Constructing a framework for national drought policy: The way forward – The way Australia developed and implemented the national drought policy’ Weather and Climate Extremes

Stone, R.C., and Cockfield, G. (2013) ‘Scientific Research in the Drought Policy Process’ in Botterill, L.C., and Cockfield, G. (eds) Drought, Risk Management, and Policy: decision making under uncertainty, CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, 105-117

Stone, R.C., Reushle, S., and Mushtaq, S. (2012) ‘Web-Based “Discussion-Support” Agricultural-Climate Information for Regional India’ in: Shrestha, M. L., Sri Adiningsih, E., and Stevenson, L.A. (eds) APN Science Bulletin: Issue 2; Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research; ISSN 2185-761X.APN, 55-58.

Research most notable
Stone, R.C. (2014) ‘Constructing a framework for national drought policy: The way forward – The way Australia developed and implemented the national drought policy’ Weather and Climate Extremes

Publications in ePrints

Feng, Qi and Yan, Linshan and Deo, Ravinesh C. and AghaKouchak, Amir and Adamowski, Jan F. and Stone, Roger and Yin, Zhenliang and Liu, Wei and Si, Jianhua and Wen, Xiaohu and Zhu, Meng and Cao, Shixiong (2019) Domino effect of climate change over two millennia in ancient China’s Hexi Corridor. Nature Sustainability, 2. 957-961 .

Kath, Jarrod and Mushtaq, Shahbaz and Henry, Ross and Adeyinka, Adewuyi Ayodele and Stone, Roger and Marcussen, Torben and Kouadio, Louis (2019) Spatial variability in regional scale drought index insurance viability across Australia’s wheat growing regions. Climate Risk Management, 24. pp. 13-29. ISSN 2212-0963

Byrareddy, Vivekananda and Kouadio, Louis and Mushtaq, Shahbaz and Stone, Roger (2019) Sustainable production of Robusta coffee under a changing climate: a 10-year monitoring of fertilizer management in coffee farms in Vietnam and Indonesia. Agronomy, 9 (Article 499). pp. 1-19.

Nguyen, Hanh and Wheeler, Matthew C. and Otkin, Jason A. and Cowan, Tim and Frost, Andrew and Stone, Roger (2019) Using evaporative stress index to monitor flash drought in Australia. Environmental Research Letters, 14 (6 - Article 064016). ISSN 1748-9318

An-Vo, Duc-Anh and Reardon-Smith, Kate and Mushtaq, Shahbaz and Cobon, David and Kodur, Shreevatsa and Stone, Roger (2019) Value of seasonal climate forecasts in reducing economic losses for grazing enterprises: Charters Towers case study. The Rangeland Journal, 41. ISSN 1036-9872

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1965-1968 Insurance analyst, New Zealand Insurance Ltd 1968-1991 Meteorologist/Manager, Aviation and Defence Weather Services, Australian Bureau of Meteorology. 1991-1995 Senior Scientist, Queensland Department of Primary Industries/CSIRO Agricultural Production Systems Research Unit. 1995-2000 Director, Queensland Centre for Climate Applications, Queensland Department of Primary Industries. 2000-2001 Principal Scientist, CSIRO Division of Tropical Crops and Pastures.. 2001-2007 Director, Queensland Climate Change Centre of Excellence/Executive Director, Farming Systems Institute, Queensland Government. 2007-2017 Director, Australian Centre for Sustainable Catchments/Director, International Centre for Applied Climate Sciences, University of Southern Queensland. also: 2014-2018 Program Chair and Manager, Commission for Agricultural Meteorology, UN World Meteorological Organisation